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Treatment of hemorrhoids in Uzhgorod

Hemorrhoids represent inflammation of venous knot, which brings with itself an acuteк pain, discomfort and bloody allocations. Scientists have counted: every fifth representative of the planet becomes the hostage of this disease. At the same time hemorrhoids symptoms in women and men are similar: pain during sitting and at the change of position of a body and also the emergence of drops of blood on toilet paper or underwear.

To principal causes of occurrence of this illness they attribute:

  • problems with inflow and outflow of blood that leads to the emergence of stagnant processes;
  • improper feeding (abuse of fast food, sandwiches, junk foods, sweet carbonated drinks, confectionery);
  • obesity, heredity, excessive physical activities;
  • inactive way of life, frequent stresses or depressions;
  • constant inflammations, chronic pathologies, tumors;
  • infections, SARS, failures in work of intestines.

Hemorrhoids, symptoms and which treatment can be found out only by means of the qualified proctologist — a serious disease. It is not just discomfort. At disregarding of signs he causes the bleedings of the direct intestine, the thrombosis of haemorrhoidal knots or paraproctitis.

Please note that: complications can arise even against the background of aggravation of already available problems with health. Therefore if you have found discomfort in an anus — you hurry to the doctor-proctologist. The timely reaction will help to get rid quickly of an illness, to return to quiet and happy life.

In "On Clinic Uzhgorod" you can cure hemorrhoids without pain and consequences by means of low-invasive methods. Here will provide you high-quality medical care, and prevention of hemorrhoids will not be shown to impracticable. Proctologists with the multi-annual length of service of work and modern ways of the fight will pick up an effective treatment-and-prophylactic course.

Hemorrhoids symptoms in men and women

Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids in women and in a strong half of mankind can be easily possible to confuse with similar proctological disease diseases. For example, with oncology of a rectum or anal polyps.

Treatment of hemorrhoids is performed by the qualified doctor-proctologist. Forget about self-treatment. National means and medicines purchased in the chemist's store, in incorrectly selected metering can play against you. Good intentions will be a delayed- action bomb.

In "On Clinic Uzhgorod" you receive effective treatment of external hemorrhoids, passing pain, consequences, surgery. Treatment of hemorrhoids without operation — not an invention. Such method is successfully used in the department of proctology of the clinic.

Already on the first session hemorrhoids, symptoms of which actively annoy, will be exposed. Exact diagnosis will help to pick up the effective option of impact on a problem. With "On Clinic Uzhgorod" you will forget soon about it!

Types of hemorrhoids: internal and external

Methods of treatment of hemorrhoids depend on a type of an illness. For example, treatment of external hemorrhoids is directed to the elimination of pain, bleeding. In each situation effective hemorrhoids treatment is selected just by the specialist, relying on patient's case record.

In "On Clinic Uzhgorod" the doctor-proctologist will define, what treatment of the hemorrhoids is necessary on early stage. The patient will necessarily undergo the medical examination with a proctologist, which includes fingers research of an anus with the help of a sigmoidoscope and anoscope.

Sharp hemorrhoids which treatment is begun with the removal of painful symptoms with the anesthetizing medicines are eliminated by means of latex alloying. It is sparing modern mean of struggle with illness. This way is safe as it doesn't break integrity mucous and a muscular cover of a great gut.

Prevention of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids treatment by the medicines gives effect only at the observance of rules of the pills reception. As prevention, the doctor can forbid to carry weights, to play active sports and also to limit anal sexual contacts.

In "On Clinic Uzhgorod" you receive a continuous communication with the treating doctor. Here could be the successful treatment of hemorrhoids in women or men in convenient time. You should only sign up for chosen time!

Proctologic examination - 270 UAH

Includes: physical examination of a patient, digital examination of the rectum, anoscopy, rectoscopy. See more

Repeated proctologist reception - 220 UAH

Repeated proctologist reception is not paid by patients who are on course treatment.