Problematic skin causes a lot of discomfort, both physical and psychological. To make treatment as effective as possible, it requires accurate diagnosis.

Digital dermatoscopy

Today, dermatologists have a unique opportunity to conduct a survey of problematic skin using dermatoscope without pain and surgical intervention, which was not possible until recently.

Dermatoscopy is successfully practiced for over a decade in the world. The essence of the method is very simple. Dermatoscope allows to obtain a digital image of suspicious moles or skin lesions after multiple optical zoom. This image is displayed on a computer monitor, where the doctor examines the color of the object being studied, its shape and other features.

Dermatoscopy is a visual examination, it is not necessary to resort to anesthesia or undergo extensive training, but its efficiency is very high. Dermatoscopy allows determine the melanoma at an early stage, and explore the suspicious stains on the skin and other skin formations.

When it is desired to pass dermatoscopy?

Peak occurrence of skin diseases is in summer at the height of the holiday season. During this period, we often go to the sea, where a lot of time we spend on the beach under the open sun. Bronze tan can cause dangerous skin diseases – be careful! Especially if you have a very light and sensitive skin. With appearance of new moles or suspicious darkening of the skin immediately consult a dermatologist. Dermatoscopy will not take much of your free time, but passed it, you can be sure that your health is not in danger.

Digital dermatoscopy in ON Clinic

In the medical center ON Clinic You can do dermatoscopy at any time convenient for you. A qualified dermatologist will in detail advice and prescribe complex treatment, if necessary.

It is important not to lose time, because even such a dangerous disease, as melanoma, is successfully being treated if diagnosed in time.

Treatment is carried out in the cities: