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Treatment of hemorrhoid in Kharkov

Hemorrhoids are a common proctologic disease associated with pathological expansion, inflammation, hemorrhoid vein thrombosis and the formation of nodes around the rectum. It does not go away on its own and is dangerous due to numerous complications, so if you detect the first symptoms, you must immediately make an appointment to a proctologist.

When to visit a proctologist

Hemorrhoids of the initial stage characterized by a moderate increase in the internal hemorrhoid nodes, can be larvate. As the disease progresses, symptoms arise that require a mandatory visit to a proctologist:

  • itching and pain in the anus during and after bowel movements;
  • traces of blood on toilet paper;
  • external hemorrhoid nodes around the anus;
  • swelling and inflammation of the tissues in the anus;
  • prolapse of hemorrhoid nodes during bowel movements or lifting weights.

A timely visit to a doctor allows you to cure hemorrhoids without surgery. There is no need in this case for a long recovery period.

Why us?

The department of Proctology of “ON Clinic Kharkov” performs non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids. We use only minimally invasive techniques, the essence of which is to prevent the blood supply to hemorrhoids and as a result it dies gradually and leaves with the feces within 1-2 weeks.

In case of rubber ligation, a rubber band is put on hemorrhoid, and photocoagulation involves cauterization of its stalk with an infrared beam. For the treatment of internal hemorrhoids of stage 4, the method of desarterization is used – ligation of the artery that feeds the node with self-absorbable threads. Thanks to the use of non-surgical methods for the treatment of hemorrhoids, the patient will not need to take a sick leave – he or she may be back to habitual life right after the procedure.

The advantages of non-surgical removal of hemorrhoids at our clinic:

  • treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis;
  • no general anesthesia;
  • the procedure lasts from 5 minutes to an hour (depending on the complexity of the case);
  • no pain and complications;
  • less restriction in the diet and physical activity after treatment.

After the first visit, the patient gets rid of the symptoms of the disease, and it may take several sessions with an interval of 2 weeks for a full recovery. Make an appointment at “ON Clinic Kharkov” where hemorrhoids are treated painlessly and comfortably, and be healthy.

The cost of hemorrhoid treatment in Kharkiv

Initial appointment with a coloproctologist
400uah. / 380uah.
Repeated consultation appointment with a coloproctologist
Payment in med. center
ONLINE-Repeated consultation appointment with a coloproctologist
330uah. / 314uah.
ONLINE Repeated consultation with a coloproctologist abroad

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