Treatment of conjunctivitis in Kharkov

Conjunctivitis is an eye infection leading to inflammation of the eye mucous membrane – conjunctiva. Ophthalmic disease can affect both one eye and both of them; it occurs with the same frequency among adults and children. Rapid treatment of conjunctivitis is impossible without determining the cause of the disease. At the first signs of discomfort in the eye area it is recommended to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist.

Is conjunctivitis contagious?

Viruses, bacteria, and allergens can cause conjunctival inflammation. Depending on this, the degree of infectiousness changes. For instance, how is conjunctivitis caused by viruses transmitted? By airborne transmission. This is the most contagious type of disease leading to outbreaks of the disease in closed groups (for instance, in kindergarten or at work).

The bacterial form is less contagious – the pathogen is transmitted by contact and domiciliary; in keeping with the personal hygiene rules, the risk of infection is minimal. It is absolutely not dangerous for those around you with an allergic type of disease. Therefore, only ophthalmologist can determine how long the conjunctivitis is contagious after determining the cause of the disease.

How to treat conjunctivitis?

The treatment regimen for the disease is developed by ophthalmologist and may include:

  • in case of viral type – antiviral, antiallergic therapy;
  • in case of bacterial type – antibacterial, antiseptic drops;

Treatment of conjunctivitis during pregnancy is performed according to the same regimen, but medications selected are safe for the prospective mother and fetus.

You should not self-treat conjunctivitis – there is a high risk of the disease chronification. It is more difficult to treat and leads to complications: ulcers, inflammation of the cornea.

Conjunctivitis treatment in children

Therapy consists in elimination of pathogens and child’s immunity. For this, drops and ointments are prescribed, which must be laid over the eyelid, regular rinsing with antiseptic solutions is also effective.

To eliminate unpleasant symptoms (itching, burning), moisturizing drops can be prescribed. If the conjunctivitis in a child is properly treated following all the doctor's instructions, the disease disappears in 5-7 days.

Conjunctivitis Prevention

Prevention of the disease consists in following the personal hygiene rules. Do not touch your face or eyelids with dirty hands. It is recommended to use a personal towel, replace textile handkerchiefs with disposable paper ones.

Medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv” offers the diagnosis and therapy of ophthalmic disorders. The admission is conducted for both adults and children.

You can make an appointment for ophthalmologist consultation by contact phone number or via site.

The cost of conjunctivitis in Kharkiv

Full examination by an ophthalmologist (visiometry, ophthalmoscopy, examination of the anterior segment, determination of refraction using CRF)
550 uah. / 523 uah.
Determination of refraction using CRF
250 uah. / 238 uah.
Ophthalmologist consultation (without diagnostics)
350 uah. / 333 uah.
ONLINE Ophthalmologist consultation (without diagnostics)
350 uah. / 333 uah.
ONLINE Ophthalmologist consultation (without diagnostics) abroad
350 uah.

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