Kaplenko Andrey Vitalevich

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Kaplenko Andrey Vitalevich Kaplenko Andrey Vitalevich

Kaplenko Andrey Vitalevich

Otolaryngologist. Highest qualification category. Work experience is over 17 years.
Andrey Vitaliyevich has a large number of positive reviews from colleagues and patients. In 2003, he completed an internship with a degree in «Otolaryngology», in 2015 he already received the first qualification category in otolaryngology and currently continues to improve his qualifications.
Вернуться назад к описанию врача
2001 - graduated from Kharkov National Medical University, faculty of «General Medicine».
2003 - completed a clinical internship with a degree in «Otolaryngology» based at the Department of ENT Diseases, Design Bureau, Kharkov.
2003 - started working as an otolaryngologist in the State Institution «Local Medical Association of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kharkov Region», Kharkov.
2015 - Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, pre-certification cycle, otolaryngology.
2015 - certification for the highest qualification category, in the central clinic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kiev.
2018 - started working in the medical center «ON Clinic Kharkov Palace of Sport», otolaryngologist.

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