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Pediatric surgeon in Mykolaiv

Pediatric surgeon examines children for congenital or acquired traumas and diseases.

If the doctor detects any pathology, he establishes diagnosis and selects the treatment. Children under 18 are within competence of this doctor.

Pediatric surgeon in Mykolaiv performs the following medical procedures:

  • removal of post-operative sutures;
  • opening of hematomas;
  • opening of furuncles and carbuncles;
  • primary surgical treatment of wound;
  • removal of ingrown nails;
  • removal of the entire nail plate.

For the purpose of effective treatment, pediatric surgeon at “ON Clinic” cooperates with orthopedist, pediatric neurologist and pediatrician. The doctors altogether find the safest methods of diagnostics and treatment of surgical pathologies.

Symptoms pediatric surgeon deals with

It is necessary to visit surgeon in the following cases:

  • a child has severe and unbearable pains in the right side of stomach in the appendix region – in this case one shall call the ambulance;
  • there is a tight protuberance in omphalus region which can disappear if a child takes horizontal position;
  • a half of boy’s scrotum is bigger than another half;
  • body traumas: bruises, sprain, dislocations, bone fractures;
  • large inflammatory formations, ulcers in the mouth;
  • lacerated and cut wounds;
  • ingrowth of nail plate into the edge of nail rollers.

In order to gather more information on surgical pathology, the doctor refers a patient to diagnostics: X-ray examination, computer tomography or ultrasonography.

Procedure of child examination by surgeon

In order to detect pathologies in time, you should visit pediatric surgeon at the child’s age of 3 months, 6 months and 12 months after birth. Then it is recommended to visit doctor every year. During preventive examination, pediatric surgeon pays attention to such pathologies as vascular tumors on skin, bubonocele and omphalocele, cryptorchism in boys. During annual routing examinations, pediatric surgeon controls the growth and development of a child, evaluates proper skeleton formation.

The surgeon starts his examination with interview and patient intake: the doctor specifies clinical picture and identifies the cause of pathological condition. During patient intake, one should be open to the maximum extent: the more information the parents tell the doctor, the quicker the doctor established the diagnosis. After examination, the doctor palpates the part of the body, which is probably connected with pathology. Acute appendicitis or hernia can be suspected already at the palpation stage.

If you noticed the symptoms of trauma or any other surgical pathology in your child, make appointment to pediatric surgeon by leaving on-line application at the website indicating the date and time of consultation or by calling at clinic phone.

The cost of doctor surgery appointments in Nikolaev


Initial consultation with a surgeon
300 uah.
Repeated consultation with a surgeon
280 uah.
Reappointment of the pediatric surgeon after the fixed time
300 uah.
ONLINE-Initial consultation with a surgeon
300 uah.
ONLINE-Repeated consultation with a surgeon
280 uah.
ONLINE-Reappointment of the pediatric surgeon after the fixed time
300 uah.

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