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Laboratory "ON Lab"

Lab tests help to obtain precise data on patient’s condition. They are required for diagnosing and control over treatment effectiveness. Different biological tissues are used for analyses but in most cases blood and urine examination are the most informative.

Laboratory diagnostics at “ON Lab” is performed using the modern equipment. 

This is necessary condition allowing to guarantee the following:

  • Complete physical examination of a sample per a variety of markers and factors;
  • High precision of results;
  • Shortest time for examinations and results interpretation.

Due to operative and highly precise work, doctor in charge can diagnosticate pathology at the early stages and start treatment in time.
Lab analyses help to detect the following:

  • Quantitative content of the most important amino acids and other substances in the body (creatinine, glucose, uric acid, choleresrine, etc.);
  • Presence of cancer-specific markers;
  • Hormone concentration;
  • Different infectious agents.

As a result, doctor obtains the required data on the condition of all systems and organs, he can prognosticate progress of treatment, determines patient’s body response on changes in therapy. 
Methods of biological examinations are selected depending on the factors to be examined. Thus, tests should be done only after the primary consultation by doctor. The doctor performs patient intake, examines the patient, send him to the required examinations, and after that interprets the results and makes treatment plan.    
As analyses have different techniques, before some of them patients need to follow particular regime: for instance, refrain from eating. The doctor also tells about it.

Types of analyses 

Our laboratory performs the following types of analyses:

  • Biochemical blood analysis. The analysis shows content of total protein, bilirubin, amylase, urea, creatinine, glucose and many other substances. Their quantity and ratio helps specialist to get an idea of functioning of kidneys, liver, heart, to establish the specific character of metabolic processes. Due to valuable diagnostic information obtained via examination of blood biochemistry, this analysis is the main during diagnostics of many diseases.
  • Urinary test. It is another popular type of examination enabling to determine the condition of not only urinary tract system, but also of the whole body in the shortest time. The general analysis shows content of protein, glucose, ketones, erythrocytes, epithelium and some other markers. Their quantitative and qualitative examination helps to diagnosticate infections, disorders in kidney functioning, indicates the development of diabetes mellitus and other pathologies.


There are also other laboratory examinations, but those two mentioned above are the most indicative in case of many diseases. Carrying-out of these analyses causes no discomfort to the patient and is relatively short on time. The doctor can also assign some clinical blood examinations for examination of hemoglobin content, white blood count, blood coagulation factors, erythrocyte sedimentation rate. Material is sampled from finger of blue vessel depending on the medical recommendations.

“ON Lab” in Kharkiv, Odessa and Nikolaev proposes high-quality laboratory examinations, fast and precise results arrangement. We set reasonable prices for analyses making high-quality medicinal services more affordable.

For more details please visit our web-site. Or contact our specialists by phone to ask any questions.