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Examination and diagnostics in urology “ON Clinic Odessa”

It is quite difficult to find a good urologist. Men rarely come to an andrologist or an urologist just for prevention. If they needed this kind of consultation, then there are problems that need to be addressed. Most patients prefer to do this under the most comfortable conditions.

“ON Clinic Odessa” guarantees to you confidentiality, comfortable conditions of appointment and visit, and a modern diagnostic room of an urologist.

Consultation of an andrologist may be necessary at any age. If you have problems with erection or ejaculation, a different kind of rash on the genitals appeared, if you have pain, cutting during urination and ejaculation, it is obligatory to sign up for an appointment. The andrologist will make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the proper effective treatment.

Do not ignore even small symptoms as this can lead to complications in the future, which means that treatment will be more expensive both in terms of costs and time.

Preventive examination by an urologist/andrologist in “ON Clinic Odessa” includes the following:

  • finger rectal examination of the prostate;
  • study of blood vessels of the penis (dopplerography), conducted according to indications;
  • measuring the sensitivity of the genital area (biothesiometry), which is performed according to indications;
  • doctor’s consultation.

Note: If the patient starts treatment, the cost of the diagnostic procedure is included in the cost of treatment.

Any tests that may be necessary for an accurate diagnostics can be taken in our room for medical procedures. The department has a number of exclusive methods and preparations necessary for strictly individual selection of the method of treatment.

In the clinic, a medical record is formalized for each patient. All subsequent consultations and examinations during the treatment are free of charge. The patient pays only for treatment, the cost of which is determined by the attending physician immediately after the examination.

The cost of visit to an urologist:

Urological examination + ultrasound transabdominal examination

300 UAH

Primary examination by an urologist + ultrasound transrectal examination

350 UAH

Repeated examination

200 UAH

The cost of visit to a female urologist:

Examination by a female urologist

300 UAH

Repeated visit

200 UAH

Preparation for the examination

2 hours prior to the visit, the patient should drink 1-1.5 liters of fluid for the US diagnostics. For submitting the samples, avoid sexual activity for 3-4 days and do not urinate for 3-4 hours prior to it.

Первичный прием врача-уролога без УЗИ - 250 грн.

Обследование включает: доплерографию, биотезиометрию, консультацию врача. Подробнее об обследовании.

Прием уролога + УЗИ стоимостью 400 грн.

Обследование включает: трансректальное УЗИ, доплерографию, биотезиометрию, консультацию врача. Подробнее об обследовании.

Первичный прием женского уролога без УЗИ - 250 грн.

Стоимость консультации врача-уролога. Подробнее об обследовании.

Прием женского уролога с УЗИ - 350 грн.

Консультация уролога + УЗИ мочевого пузыря. Подробнее об обследовании.

Обследование уролога + УЗИ трансабдоминальное 350 грн.

Обследование включает: трансабдоминально УЗИ, допплерографию, биотезиометрия, консультацию врача. Подробнее об обследовании.

Повторное обследование уролога 250 грн.

Для пациентов, которые находятся на курсовом лечении, все повторные приемы являются бесплатными.