Do not ignore sexual infections!

Very often, men and women of Odessa ignore sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and are not engaged in their treatment, believing it is a sheer nonsense. However, such infections often lead to inflammation of the urogenital system, and later – to infertility and sexual dysfunction in men.

Another serious problem of sexually transmitted infections is absence of symptoms. The patient has no pain and he / she sees no sense to check analyzes, to spend money on an expensive treatment. And then the disease develops, causes complications, and later it will be much harder to recover or completely unrealistic.

In fact, many STDs are transferred on the spermatozoon, so the woman in the process of infection can get even more serious complications than men – up to cholecystitis, appendicitis and other diseases (as the uterus is not tight – the fallopian tubes open into the peritoneum). Therefore, the detection of sexually transmitted diseases is very important to be treated by both sexual partners. After all, even if one of them tests for sexual infections are negative, it means only one thing – that is a small number of them and to find them is extremely difficult. But to pass even a short preventive course of treatment is required. This can be done in ON Clinic Odessa.

Treatment in Odessa

If a positive analysis, the doctor (urologist or gynecologist of Odessa) will appoint a full course of treatment of STDs. If one of the sexual partners for various reasons does not want to be treated, and sexual relations continue, then such treatment is absolutely no sense. Even when using a condom, after some time reinfection of the treated partner will happen. And the treatment will have to start anew. According to the rules, the couple should start the treatment of genital infections in one day.

If you had an unprotected sexual intercourse, felt discomfort in the perineum while urinating, or your partner is being treated for a STD, do not loiter – necessarily refer to a urologist at the medical center ON Clinic Odessa. Here you will not only be helped to pass all the necessary tests, but also to appoint the most effective treatment, and identify the early stages of complications, which entail sexual infections. Call around the clock. And take care of your health – protect yourself!

Screening for STDs include:

  • for men – analysis of 7 infections, sexually transmitted diseases, in / g scraping; bacteriological sowings + visit of urologist / andrologist;
  • for women – analysis of 7 infections, sexually transmitted diseases, in / g scraping; bacteriological sowings + visit of a gynecologist.

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