Examination and diagnostics in dermatology

A comprehensive examination with a dermatologist enables you to choose the most effective method of treatment. During the initial examination, the dermatologist studies the medical history, examines the skin and even reveals latent diseases at an early stage. After the completion of all the examinations, based on the data received, the dermatologist holds another consultation and provides a method of treatment.

Several years ago, on the order of the international medical network “ON Clinic”, a unique scheme for the treatment of psoriasis without hormones and immunosuppressants was developed. Doctors of the network for more than 20 years apply these techniques not causing side effects. The state of patients is significantly improved, and the period of remission is longer.

Examination by a dermatologist includes the following:

  • physical examination;
  • a sample for sensitivity to drugs;
  • dermatoscopy (if necessary);
  • consultation of a doctor and prescribing a treatment regimen (if necessary).

Cost of visiting a dermatologist:

Examination by a dermatologist

150 UAH.

Preparation for the examination

One day prior to the visit the patient is recommended not to apply cosmetic and medicinal products to the affected areas of the body.

Experts «Dermatology»


The doctor-dermatologist. Experience 30 years.


Dermatologist. The highest category. Work experience is 22 years.

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