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Proctological examination and diagnostics in “ON Clinic Mariupol”

Proctological diseases are rather insidious. Each person can have hemorrhoids or anal fissures under a particular set of circumstances. Moreover, every second person after the age of 30 years experiences discomfort in the anus, less often it is burning, anal itching and even discharge of scarlet blood. But very few people immediately go for an examination to the proctologist. And this is a very big mistake!

If a person feels ashamed of the examination at a specialist, he only aggravates the situation, and the disease creates more and more complications every day. Curing a neglected disease is much more difficult. Perhaps at this stage, you will need even a surgical operation. If you contact on time, the treatment will be quick, effective and, most importantly, will require minimum procedures and prescriptions. So never put off going to the doctor tomorrow!

Moreover - preventive examination at the proctologist should be mandatory, as well as visiting the gynecologist/urologist. Especially if you crossed the threshold of the age of 30 years, you have a hereditary predisposition (one of the parents suffered from proctologic diseases), you recently gave birth to a child, love spicy food, have malnutrition and/or sedentary lifestyle. Also, very often problems with the rectum arise in people who are engaged in heavy physical labor. In these cases, a person must undergo an examination by the proctologist once a year or a year and a half. Certainly, if he cares about his health.

Why is it important to undergo the examination at the proctologist? There are diseases that may not manifest themselves in any way for several years. But at the moment when they cause an exacerbation, it may be too late for conservative treatment or the use of minimally invasive methods of treatment. And if it is a tumor, then it is better to learn about it at the very first stage in order to stop malignant processes. Therefore, only a regular examination at the proctologist will help to avoid many problems in the future.

In the department of proctology of the medical center “ON Clinic Mariupol” the following types of diagnostics are used:

  • method of palpation with an external examination of the patient;
  • video-anoscopy (the lower part of the rectum is examined with a short instrument the width of which is approximately the same as that of the faecal column.) It is also equipped with a miniature video camera, the patient image is displayed on the monitor);
  • rectoscopy (the deepest examination of the rectum - up to 16 cm).

The examination is absolutely painless and delicate. It is carried out on the couch, where the patient lies in a comfortable position on the left side. If necessary, the proctologist uses a local anesthetic. The instruments are small (not more than a faecal column) and are inserted very slowly. Therefore patients of the medical center “ON Clinic Mariupol” will not feel psychological or physical discomfort. Do not neglect your illness, appreciate your health and undergo examinations at the proctologist regularly!

The cost of a proctologist visit:

Examination with the proctologist

200 UAH

Preparation for the visit

In the evening on the eve of the visit (at 19:00-20:00) it is necessary to make two cleansing enemas in the volume of 1-1.5 liters with the use of Esmarch’s irrigator (rubber “hot-water bag” with a hose) or an ordinary bulb syringe. If possible, 3-4 hours before the examination, another enema is made. Tap water can be taken, but necessarily equal to the body temperature. You do not need to add anything to the water, so that it does not stain the mucous membrane and the doctor can perform a qualitative examination.

If problems arise with this method, one can be prepared with the use of micro-enema, previously purchased at the pharmacy, “Normakol” (130 g) or two pieces of “Norgalax” - 10 g. In the evening from 19 to 21 hours, the first half of the drug is used, while the second half is used on the day of the visit, 3 hours before the appointed time. In addition, you can use the laxative “Fortrans” for the night: for this 1 packet of “Fortrans” is diluted in 1 liter of warm water. The solution should be taken from 18:00, one glass every 15 minutes.

The day before the visit, sour-milk products, carbonated drinks, raw vegetables and fruits, as well as spicy, fatty, fried foods, alcohol and coffee should be excluded from the diet.

On the eve after 19:00, eating is not recommended, on the day of the examination there should be a light breakfast (broth, boiled fish, eggs).

Examination by proctologist - 200 UAH

Examination includes: anoscopy, rectoscopy, anus digital examination, consultation of doctor with diagnosing and selection of treatment course (if required). See more

Return visit to proctologist – 140 UAH

Consultative return visit to proctologist specialist.