Proctology department in ON Clinic Mariupol

Not all residents of Mariupol can confidently say that they had never faced diseases of the rectum. Every second Mariupol citizen after 30 years found hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal condillomas, fimbriae, papillae and anal polyps. Unfortunately, most of them prefer to self-medicate, as they are kept from going to the doctor by fear and shame. However, tablets, ointments, suppositories from pharmacy have only a temporary effect and do not remove the problem. In addition, the patient can not know exactly what his disease is, since they have almost the same symptoms.

Department of proctology of Medical Centre On Clinic Mariupol has helped to recover thousands of patients who did not manage to run their illness in time and signed up for examination of a proctologist. Because the advanced forms, such as hemorrhoids, can not be cured with the help of non-invasive methods. Patients with stage 4 the Center of proctology "ON Clinic Mariupol” guides in public hospitals for surgery. Therefore, as soon as you have any symptoms of proctologic diseases – pain in the anus, pain during and after bowel movements, discomfort in the anus, anal itching, bleeding – immediately contact the proctologist.

Going to the proctologist of the Medical Center, note the presence of painless and accurate diagnosis: anoscopy, rectoscopy (videorektoromanoscopy). In the medical center "ON Clinic Mariupol” primary inspection (inspection of a proctologist) is passed on the couch in a comfortable position, lying on one’s side. Proctologist only uses miniature modern tools that allow see on the screen the image of state of the rectal mucosa. The patient will be shown, what is wrong with his rectum, and he will be able to monitor the healing process.

What is also very important, is treatment. In the medical center On Clinic Mariupol proctologist use only non-surgical techniques that have been successfully used for over 30 years in Europe: infrared coagulation and latex ligation. Also there chosen conservative treatment regimens with unique ointments of own production of "ON Clinic” International Network of medical centers.

Be sure to pay attention to the level of service. In On Clinic Mariupol there is pre-record by 24 hour phone, which helps to avoid the queues. Medical personnel – highly skilled, friendly and responsive. There possible gradual payment for treatment, and for certain categories of the population – discounts on treatment.

Therefore, if you have pain in the anus, there is a bump (anus), there is a suspicion that this is crypto or anal papilloma, do not hesitate to sign up to the proctologist in Medical Centre "ON Clinic Mariupol” do – not bring yourself to surgery. Be healthy!

Branch network of medical centers of proctology ON Clinic is engaged in diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the rectum and anus, such as:

  • hemorrhoids;
  • anal cracks (anal fissure);
  • anal polyps, papillomas and condillomas;
  • anal fringe;
  • crypto.
The cost of visit:
Primary examination 200 UAH
Repeaded consultation 140 UAH

Experts «Proctology»


Proctologist. The highest category. Experience 24 years.


Врач-проктолог, хирург высшей категории. Стаж работы 37 лет.

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