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Proctology department

Any breach in the body – it is unpleasant, troublesome and dangerous.

However, rectal diseases bring the greatest discomfort and create intolerable conditions of life.

With the pace of modern life in Kharkov it is difficult to avoid proctologic problems. Sedentary work, late dinners, tobacco and alcohol – these and other factors lead to the fact that about 70% of Kharkov citizens faced with relevant diseases:

  • hemorrhoids;
  • anal cracks (anal fissures, cracks in the anus);
  • anal polyps, anal condilloma and anal papilloma;
  • anal fringe;
  • crypto;
  • constipation;
  • anal itching.

To help in these situations can a good proctologist – doctors of Ukraine first international network of private medical centers ON Clinic. Department of proctology in Kharkov was opened in 2007, and since then the composition of experts has remained virtually unchanged. What does this mean? Stability and high-level team, where every employee cares about the reputation of the hospital as a whole. Professionalism of the doctors and their successful work. Over the years ON Clinic Kharkov proctology department (proctology center) of the medical center has adopted more than 10 000 patients.

78% were successfully treated in our private clinic. Many of them took no more than 3-4 visits to cure hemorrhoids, fissures in the anus, anal polyps and other problems that have been identified in the primary diagnosis in ON Clinic Kharkov. During the examination at the proctologist a doctor conducted a physical examination of the patient, digital rectal examination, anoscopy and video-rectoromanoscopy.

An experienced female proctologist in Kharkov also is receiving patients, since we understand the inconvenience of visiting a male doctor by a women.

Repeatedly proctologists of ON Clinic Kharkov saved life of patients with accurate and timely diagnosis of cancer.

Where to find the proctologist in Kharkov: where to go?

Many people want to know where to take the best proctology in Kharkov. If you need a good proctologist, feel free to contact ON Clinic Kharkov.

Today our proctologic medical center is known in Kharkov by European approach with regard to patients, democratic prices and advanced technology in the treatment of proctologic diseases. Remember that the removal of hemorrhoids by modern methods is carried out without surgery and pain!

In ON Clinic Kharkov there applied only non-surgical procedure – ligation with latex rings (latex ligation) and infrared coagulation. Hemorrhoid treatment is on an outpatient basis, allowing the patient to remain in the familiar rhythm of life. The procedure is painless and doesn't last for a long time, and the result is seen immediately: symptoms of the disease are reduced after the first visit. Each subsequent procedure brings even greater relief to the patient and closer to recovery.

It offers all the modern methods of diagnosis:

  • rectoscopy and anoscopy;
  • video-rectoscopy;
  • transrectal ultrasound and others.

In such metropolis, as Kharkov, where work, study and other concerns left little time for men and women for themselves, it is very important to find a way of treatment, which would correspond to the following criteria:

  • fast;
  • effectively;
  • painless;
  • comfortable.

Proctologic department of ON Clinic in Kharkov and other cities fully meets these criteria. All you need for a successful recovery – dial number and the clinic to make an appointment at a convenient time for you or fill out a simple form on our website.

Remember, the sooner you see a doctor, the faster, easier and more effective the treatment will take place.

Department doctors

Primary proctology examination - 350 UAH

The examination includes: physical examination, digital examination of the rectum, anoscopy, rectumoroscopy. See more

Repeated proctology examination - 270 UAH

Cost of a repeated proctology examination.