Phlebology in Kharkiv

Phlebology includes the treatment, diagnostics and prevention of venous diseases.
A phlebologist’s consultation is necessary at the first signs of varicosis or other venous diseases, as they can cause such serious consequences as disability.

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When to visit a phlebologist

For the prevention and early detection of venous diseases, it is recommended to visit a phlebologist annually. This is especially true for people from risk groups (people with overweight, those who take hormones and spend much time on their feet).

Indications for visiting a phlebologist include the following symptoms:

  • heavy legs;
  • occurrence of vascular spiders;
  • swelling of feet and legs;
  • skin discoloration;
  • increased leg fatigue.

Anyone with a genetic predisposition to venous disease should also take care of varicosis prevention.

Phlebologist treats the following:

The procedure of the initial appointment with a phlebologist

The initial appointment with a phlebologist includes taking a history and a physical examination of a patient. Then the doctor determines the plan of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics, which may include Doppler ultrasonography of veins of two lower or upper extremities. After the diagnostics, the doctor makes a preliminary diagnosis, prescribes an individual treatment regimen and, if necessary, gives recommendations on the selection of compression underwear.

What does Doppler ultrasonography of veins show?

Doppler ultrasonography of veins is a study method that detects changes in the speed of reflected sound waves from moving blood cells. There are no contraindications to Doppler sonography. No special preparation for the study is required.

Doppler ultrasonography of veins shows the following:

  • condition of the veins of upper and lower vessels (patency, structural features of the walls);
  • anatomical features of the venous bed structure;
  • features of blood flow;
  • venous thrombi;
  • arterial occlusions (obstruction).

An appointment with a phlebologist and for Doppler ultrasound in Kharkiv is carried out by calling the phone numbers indicated on the website or through the online appointment form. You can apply for a phlebologist consultation and vein examination around the clock.

The cost of doctor phlebology appointments in Kharkiv

Phlebologist consultation
400 uah. / 380 uah.
Initial appointment with a phlebologist with ultrasound
550 uah. / 523 uah.
ONLINE Phlebologist consultation
400 uah. / 380 uah.
ONLINE Consultation with a phlebologist abroad
400 uah.

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