Department of Neurology in "ON Clinic"

Neurology is a medical science, which focuses on studying causes, symptoms, and mechanisms of the central and peripheral nervous system diseases, as well as on their treatment. The neurologic department at the medical center "ON Clinic" sets a task to help patients who have encountered such problems. Only the best specialists carry out diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases in our center.

A number of factors causes the emergence and development of neurological diseases. Here are some of them:

  • Excessively active life, sleep and wake imbalance

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Frequent stress, constant nervous tension

  • Bad habits

  • Side effects of drugs, drug abuse

  • Body intoxication

  • Poor ecological situation

  • Infections

  • Hereditary predisposition.

An experienced neurologist at the medical center "ON Clinic" will examining the reasons for the patient's poor health and recommend to undergo a number of additional tests. The department of neurology of our clinic is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment. Therefore, the results of the tests carried out here are of high accuracy and reliability.

Treatment of diseases of the nervous system, which include neurological disorders, can be a long process. The success depends directly not only on the qualification of a specialist but also on the diligence and persistence of the patient. That is why neuropathologists of the medical center "ON Clinic" act with a special delicacy to make the atmosphere of the consultation as comfortable for the patient as possible, and encourage patients to think positively about the treatment outcome.

Symptoms of neurological diseases:

  • Headache

  • Dizziness

  • Severe fatigue

  • Sleep disorders and depression

  • Irritability, increased anxiety

  • Numbness of the limbs

  • Pain in the spine

  • Pain in the joints

  • Cramps

  • Tremor of the limbs

  • Impaired coordination (ataxia)

  • Impaired memory, attention or speech

  • Impaired sensitivity

  • Amimia, facial asymmetry.

Frequent and dramatic mood swings, anxiety and acute shortness of breath attacks are also signal that you should probably seek medical advice.

If something hurts, go to the doctor!

The human nature allows you to get partially used to some unpleasant or painful sensations. It is possible even though they interfere with enjoying life, active rest and productive work. Some of us find it difficult to find several hours of free time and make ourselves to seek medical advice. Such disregard for one's health is dangerous and may have unfavorable consequences. It is important to remember that pain syndrome, one of the main symptoms of diseases of the nervous system, clearly shows that you cannot go on without professional help.

Age is one of the key criteria that determine the development of neurological diseases. The older the person, the higher the risk. Nevertheless today, experts argue that some diseases of the nervous system get significantly "younger". In particular, vegetative-vascular dystonia, atherosclerosis, stroke, especially hemorrhagic stroke, have almost no age-related limitations.

Therefore, if a person of any age category discovers alarming symptoms, it is important to seek medical advice immediately. A neurologist of the medical center "ON Clinic" will help to understand the existing problem and after diagnosing the disease will be able to choose an effective treatment. Accurate adherence to doctor's instructions and support from relatives contribute to a fast recovery.

Our specialists deal with the following diseases:

  • Vegetative-vascular dystonia

  • Encephalopathy of various nature

  • Migraine

  • Neuritis and polyneuritis

  • Osteochondrosis of the spine

  • Radiculitis

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • CCT consequences

  • Stroke consequences

Health is the greatest value in life. A person full of strength and energy lives an active, interesting life and gives joy to others. That is why you should care about your health and well-being and about health and well-being of your relatives and friends. In the slightest doubt, consult highly qualified specialists of the medical center "ON Clinic". Register for a consultation and we will help you to find a solution for even the most difficult problems!

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Врач-невропатолог. Вторая категория. Стаж работы более 15 лет.


Врач-невропатолог. Первая категория. Стаж работы 15 лет.

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