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G-spot enhancement in "ON Clinic Kharkiv"

Many factors like psychological comfort, hormonal background, the physiology of sexual organs influence the sexuality of a woman and her ability to experience pleasure from the sexual intercourse. Birth traumas, age loss of the vaginal tone, congenital anomalies often make G-spot inaccessible for stimulation that is an important erogenous zone. This change the intimate life to the worse causes stress and problems with a partner. G-spot augmentation (its enhancement) returns the brightness of the sensations.

G-spot is an accumulation of sensitive cells on the front wall of the vagina. During stimulation, it swells and increases in size, and a long-term exposure to it leads to the vaginal orgasm. The location of the G-spot often makes it inaccessible for contact during intercourse; as a result, a woman does not experience the whole range of sensations, remains unsatisfied. The consequences are different: decreased interest, stagnation in the pelvic organs, and loss of interest to the partner, psychological discomfort. The G-spot enhancement with the hyaluronic acid helps to cope with this situation.

The drug is injected at a shallow depth in the projection of the point G and is evenly distributed in the tissues, increasing their elasticity. The size of the erogenous zone increases, it protrudes above the wall surface, becomes accessible for stimulation. Another effect from the injection of the hyaluronic acid is the vagina narrowing, due to which both partners experience greater pleasure during sex.

The G-spot enhancement is carried out by injection of the drug, which is completely eliminated from the tissues during 6-8 months, during which the effect of augmentation remains. It is a painless and safe procedure that can significantly improve the quality of the intimate life.

Injections are used in the following cases:

  • peculiarities of the anatomical structure that make the zone inaccessible for stimulation during the sexual intercourse;
  • birth or other trauma, which made it difficult to stimulate this area;
  • treatment of incontinence: the procedure of G-spot enhancement removes the hypermobility of the urethra and increases its tone;
  • decreased pleasure from the sexual intercourse, caused by stretching the muscles of the vagina.

Often the injection becomes the answer to the question "How to strengthen orgasm?" And allows a woman to expose in a relationship with a partner, remove psychological barriers, and live a full life.

The procedure is appointed by the gynecologist and is conducted after the delivery of the medical tests and detection the current status of the patient.

Contraindications to the augmentation are practically absent, but it is not conducted in case of:

  • oncological diseases;
  • coagulation disorders;
  • inflammatory infections;
  • intolerance to the components of the drug.

After injection of the hyaluronic acid, the following is observed:

  • subjective increase of pleasure from the sexual intercourse;
  • increased tonus of the vaginal muscles;
  • prolongation a women orgasm;
  • libido growth.

The procedure is conducted under the control of the supervising physician and local anesthesia, so during the injection, the patient does not experience any discomfort. After the injection, it is recommended to abstain from the sexual intercourse for three days in order to prevent the gel reallocation in the tissues. Also for two weeks, it is better not to visit saunas and baths and give up intense physical exertion. No further restrictions are required.

You can find out the cost of the procedure and arrange a visit to a gynecologist on the site "ON Clinic Kharkiv" or on the contact numbers of the medical center. Modern equipment, qualified personnel, and a convenient visiting schedule are waiting only for you.