Department of Gynecology

Along with Kiev, Kharkov was and remains a cultural and educational center of Ukraine. The concentration of beautiful women per square meter rolls over here. And the Kharkov female citizen – is not only the beauty and femininity, but also a high level of education, creative fulfillment, success in work.

The intense schedule of a Kharkov resident can be compared with the schedule of a large company top manager. And it would be commendable, but time for themselves often does not remain. Any discomfort – especially in the intimate sphere – is written off for fatigue. The private gynecologist and routine inspection is postponed to the last. But such an attitude to their feminine nature leads to chronic conditions, psychological disorders and even infertility. Therefore, a woman has a question, where does a good gynecologist in Kharkov receive, in which private gynecological clinic there practice the best gynecologists?

With the opening of ON Clinic Kharkov in 2007 the gynecological clinic was visited by thousands of women. Gynecologists of the clinic during inspection are faced with a wide list of complaints which they are ready to solve almost any issue in the sphere of private gynecology:

  • treatment of cervical pathologies: dysplasia, hyperplasia, leukoplakia;
  • treatment of cervical erosion by the radio wave method;
  • treatment of fibroids and uterine leiomyoma;
  • treatment of menstrual dysfunction: PMS, menstrual irregularities, hyperpolymenorea, disturbances during climax and menopause;
  • treatment of ovarian dysfunction;
  • treatment of sexually transmitted infections;
  • treatment of dysbiosis of vagina;
  • vaccination for prevention of cervical cancer;
  • removal of genital condillomas, papillomas, polyps;
  • medical abortion;
  • selection of contraceptive methods, including emergency contraception;
  • planning of pregnancy.

And many other intimate problems arising from the weakening of immunity, hormonal disorders, stress and other adverse factors, which fill life of the modern woman.

Cost of consultation can vary depending on whether it include only a survey or there to be associated tests or initial examination. This only the doctor can tell, based on your symptoms. Therefore, the cost can be found by calling or filling out the form "Price verification".

For successful treatment in our gynecological clinic all conditions are created:

First, fast, comprehensive diagnosis, including ultrasound in gynecology in Kharkov, vaginal examination, examination of breasts. Any analysis, if necessary, can be taken immediately, in the office of the gynecologist in Kharkov. Accurate diagnosis makes it possible to instantly choose effective treatment. And all this at an affordable price.

Secondly, the modern medical equipment cabinets. In gynecological center ON Clinic Kharkov there only used disposable instruments, no need for women to take with her. Diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations often take no more than 15-20 minutes of time, allowing you to visit them even at busy schedule of the patient.

Third, the advanced treatment by radio waves, practiced in ON Clinic Kharkov – the most effective, painless and safe in existence today.

The cost of visit:
 Primary examination   320 UAH 
 Repeated consultation   250 UAH 
 Primary examination without ultrasound   270 UAH
 Primary examination of gynecologist-endocrinologist   300 UAH 
 Videocolposcopy  240 UAH 


Experts «Gynecology»


Gynecologist-endocrinologist, the doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics. Highest category. Experience 20 years.


Obstetrician-gynecologist. The first category. Experience over 25 years.


Gynecologist-endocrinologist. Ultrasonic medical investigation specialist. The first category. Work experience over 15 years.


Gynecologist-endocrinologist. The first category. Experience 14 years.



Doctor obstetrician-gynecologist. Second qualifying category. Work experience is more than 11 years.
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