«ДокторПРО» стал частью Международной сети «ОН Клиник»

«DoctorPRO» has become a part of the «ON Clinic» International network

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Medical Center "ON Clinic Kharkiv"

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14 years in Ukraine, 34 years in the world

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Of all the branches of the international network of medical centers ON Clinic in Ukraine – Kharkiv was the first one opened. Today, almost everyone in the city knows with what problems he may apply here, but in 2007 – when ON Clinic Kharkiv started to work – Kharkiv citizens knowledge about intimate diseases was different.

Hemorrhoids, prostatitis, psoriasis, cervical erosion, and other hidden disease have always existed. But their treatment appeared to most of population difficult, lengthy, costly and unnecessary process. Doctors of ON Clinic Kharkiv proved the opposite:

First, to treat proctology, urological, gynecological and dermatological diseases must be the same as the flu, fraction or ulcer. Despite the fact that the disease can be hidden from prying eyes, the consequences can be dangerous to health and life of the patient.

Second, in ON Clinic Kharkiv they practice only modern non-surgical treatments that are used for several decades in the US and Europe, and now – available to residents of Kharkov. Patients of ON Clinic Kharkiv have no fear of the knife of a surgeon, anesthesia complications and post-operative period.

Third, the most unpleasant moments that occur when you visit a doctor in ON Clinic Kharkiv are completely excluded. There is no queue, where you can meet friends.

All the best methods of treatment, the latest medical developments and modern technical equipment are available to every citizen of Kharkov. Patients of the center noted the high quality of service, from initial diagnosis and ending with physiotherapy.

Medical staff corresponds to European level of the clinic. ON Clinic Kharkiv employs highly qualified specialists in their fields – both doctors and nurses. Not surprisingly, the medical center is recommended to family, friends and acquaintances. A growing number of patients requires to maintain and improve existing in ON Clinic standards.

Please call: 0 800 30 11 77.