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Feedback about Physicians-proctologists in Kharkiv (m. Pushkinska)

I came to the ON Clinic with hemorrhoids problem, I didn’t know any doctors there and by chance (although we all know that the accidents were not accidental), I went to the proctologist Galich Alexander Viktorovich; after the examination, he recommended me to deserterize. I recommend this Doctor (with a capital letter) to everyone. This is a doctor with God-given talent, he is with good hands, everything is clear, fast, competent. Until complete recovery! He is in touch around the clock. It is a great piece of luck to get to such a Doctor. A special thanks for anesthetist and nurse - they are very cool specialists, professionals in their field. Thank you!
Natalia, Kharkiv, 16.01.2020
Hello Natalia. Thank you for taking the opportunity to share your history of contacting our clinic. Minimally invasive methods of treating hemorrhoids, including desarterization, can solve unpleasant problems without surgical intervention, in comfortable conditions and without changing the usual rhythm of life. The most comfortable conditions for the clinic’s stay have been created for our patients, patients are provided with round-the-clock telephone calls with a contact center. We recommend that you do not forget about preventive examinations and wish you good health.
Service Quality Control Department
I, Korneyko Alyona Aleksandrovna, came to the ON Clinic with the delicate problem of hemorrhoids to the doctor Yekaterina Vladimirovna Kutepova. I was provided with consultation and examination at the highest level. Examination was painless. After that, I decided to do the operation. The operation was painless, I felt wonderful. Yekaterina Vladimirovna provided me medical assistance as a high-level doctor.
Alyona, Kharkiv, 16.01.2020
Hello Alyona. Thank you for your positive feedback. Specialists of the medical centers of our network use sparing minimally invasive methods for solving proctologic problems which can improve the quality of life significantly, quickly, painlessly, without hospitalization and a long recovery period. We will be happy to help if necessary. Do not forget about preventive examinations and be healthy!
Service Quality Control Department
I passed the course of treatment with Alexander Viktorovich Galich. I recommend him as an excellent specialist. I underwent such a procedure as deserterization. I feel reborn. Thank you for the professionalism and high level of skill of Dr. A.V. Galich and his team.
Larisa, Kharkiv, 08.01.2020
Hello Larisa. Sparing minimally invasive treatment methods successfully used by specialist Galich Alexander Viktorovich allow you to get rid of unpleasant problems without surgical intervention in conditions comfortable for the patient and without interruption from the usual rhythm of life. We are pleased that under the supervision of our specialist you were able to improve significantly the quality of life. We recommend that you do not forget about preventive examinations and wish you good health.
Service Quality Control Department

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