Mihajlenko Ariadna Ivanovna Mihajlenko Ariadna Ivanovna

Mihajlenko Ariadna Ivanovna

Pediatric neurologist. The first category. Work experience 19 years.
Ariadna Ivanovna has solid work experience in pediatric neurology. She gets on with children easily. Her wealth of knowledge will help to deal with any problem of the patient.
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1989 - graduated from Odessa Medical Institute named after Pirogov with degree in "Pediatrics".
1990 - took internship training based on Nikolayev Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital. Department of Neurology. Specialization “Pediatric Neurology”.
1990 - pediatric neurologist at 1st Municipal Children’s hospital in Nikolayev.
1994 - 2-nd category in pediatric neurology.
1999 - pediatric neurologist, 1-st Children's Polyclinic, Nikolayev.
2005 - 1-st category in pediatric neurology.
2006 - pediatric neurologist at 2nd Children’s Hospital of the 4th Policlinic Department.
2019 - pediatric neurologist at Medical Centre “ON Clinic Nikolaev”.