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Violation of ejaculation: absence of ejaculation, weak ejaculation

Their biggest weakness and strongest fears – it's all kinds of sexual dysfunction and sexual disorders (erectile dysfunction, problems with potency). One of these disorders is abnormal ejaculation – weak ejaculation in men, too fast / slow ejaculation or no ejaculation (premature ejaculation, pain during ejaculation).

Violation of ejaculation

Although men are the stronger gender, they also have their weaknesses.

Absence of ejaculation in men (anejaculation, shortness of ejaculation) – is one of the most common types of male sexual disorders. If at this violation of ejaculation erection and orgasm are preserved, problems with ejaculation are likely caused by damage of the nervous system or disorders ejaculatory paths.

At primary anejaculation, occurring most frequently, ejaculation can be preserved only in the form of emissions, while being absent during sexual stimulation. This abnormal ejaculation does not affect libido, erection and orgasm level, which quite pronounced. Secondary anejaculation – when there is no ejaculation in men who had never faced a similar problem. Problems with ejaculation in this case can be overcome with the help of additional stimulation by the partner.

Weak (difficult) ejaculation or no ejaculation can be caused by excessive use of alcohol and some drugs. Shortness of ejaculation or lack thereof, can be observed with frequent sex or severe stress. In addition, a more mature age man is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve, not only a sufficient level of erection, but ejaculation too. If a man does not ejaculate, this problem in most cases is quite solved with modern techniques. One need only to see a specialist.

The prolonged absence of ejaculation, difficult ejaculation in men increases the duration of sexual intercourse, which brings pleasure to both partners. However, this creates difficulties for those couples who are planning a child.

To identify and resolve problems with ejaculation in men there needed time to seek help from a qualified professional (andrologist consultation). Only a doctor on the basis of the examination results can make an accurate diagnosis and develop an effective treatment regimen.

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