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Nowadays people face the baldness problem with ever increasing frequency, occurring with no apparent cause like heredity for instance. Why does this happen and, what is more important, how to stop it? Let’s try to find out.

What is baldness?

It is known that hair loss is a normal life circle of our body. The hair ages, weakens, falls out and new hair grows on its place. However, for a number of reasons this process can be frustrated and new hair will not be in time to replace that one fallen out, or hair stops to grow. Ordinary anti-baldness shampoo bought in supermarket or even in drugstore can be ineffective in your situation, as the cause of this notion can be connected with functioning of internal organs or hormonal disorder. Treatment of baldness should be started from visit to trichologist, but not from the call to a friend or search of the answer in online social networks.

Baldness in men and women: Causes of occurrence

Healthy people often start to suffer from baldness due to stresses. Increased anxiety, work and family conflicts – all these can cause constriction of vessels nourishing the hair follicle. Due to this, hair does not obtain the required quantity of nutrient materials, weakens and falls out.
Baldness in men is not uncommon. It is caused by special genes transferred from father to son. Genetic baldness responds to treatment hardly, but thanks to special medication this process can be significantly slowed down.
Baldness in women may occur due to hormonal disorders, for instance during the pregnancy or can be caused by excessive androsterone in body.

What is the result of baldness and negligence of this problem?

Remember that sudden baldness is an alarm signal of your body. Do not lose your time and visit doctor immediately.
Baldness in women and men can be a consequence of such dangerous diseases as diabetes mellitus, goitrous disease (iodine deficit), osteochondrosis, hormonal disorders, nervous exhaustion, oncological diseases, diseased vessels and poor blood (anemia). And now think when you go to a drug store and buy hair strengthening shampoo instead of visiting a doctor.

Treatment of baldness at medical centre “ON Clinic”

Due to modern diagnostic equipment the ON Clinic specialists can define a cause of baldness very precisely. Based on the data obtained, individual program for hair recovery and strengthening will be developed specially for you upon all examinations. Baldness is treated at medical centre “ON Clinic” using physiotherapy and special high-efficient medications and shampoos manufactured in clinic laboratories and non-available on the general market.
Baldness treatment at “ON Clinic” is absolutely safe and the results are notable within very short time.
In order to register to visit trichologist specialist at “ON Clinic”, you just need to call the telephone number indicated for your region or to fill in simple registration form on our web-site.

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