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Scalp fungus

Scalp fungus is a problem, moreover sufficiently serious one. Not only your appearance, but also your health can suffer from fungus. Only professional medicamentous care can help you to overcome this unpleasant trouble.

What is scalp fungus?

It is a big error to think that fungus involves only human feet. It often occurs on other parts of the body, especially – in hair and on head skin.
Treatment of hair fungus is not a simple task followed by discomfort both for the patient and for his family members. The thing is that fungus appears in hair because of the infection. Thus, a patient becomes its circulator without meaning to do it. All household items become infected with fungus: clothes, hair brushes, towels, etc. In order to secure the whole family it is necessary to sterilize all these items. And it is not the easiest thing to do.
We place a greater focus on the fact that hair fungus is an infection, and it is impossible to get free of it without professional services.

Variety of scalp fungus infections

There are three most popular fungus diseases in medicine science which infect head skin and hair: favus, microsporia and thrichophytosis (ringworm). These are extreme forms of fungus infection when skin is covered with ill-looking thick grey crust-like surface, purulence of hair follicles often occurs, hair loss happens. Fungus causes itching and unpleasant mousy odour, skin is covered with slough and it is hard to realize all that moral and physical discomfort a person feels while suffering from this disease.

After-effects of hair fungus 

Permanent stresses and bad mood caused by this disease result in disorder of many organs and feeling unwell. Also you need to understand that fungus is not just a lesion or small pimple, fungus in hair or other parts of body attaches to the skin surface very securely and shows incredible resistance to any external factors. If you start to treat hair fungus too late, you take a risk to get major complications because fungus infection is an “open door” for all kinds of bacterial infections.

The progress of fungus diseases may complicate the diabetis clinical characteristics, force erysipelatous inflammation, develops allergic reaction both to the very fungus and to other irritators. And now think do you need all this? There is always a solution: start treatment of this disease without delay.

Treatment of hair fungus at “ON Clinic”

Medical centre “ON Clinic” has all equipment necessary for thorough examination and treatment of hair fungus diseases. After diagnosis establishing, a doctor will select an individual treatment program for you effective in your particular case. Therapeutic complex for head fungus infection treatment includes рhysiotherapeutic procedures, medicinal shampoos and creams manufactured in Israel and non-available on the wide market. Treatment methods used in practice at “ON Clinic” are safe for your health and high efficiency.
In order to register to visit trichologist specialist at “ON Clinic”, you just need to call the telephone number indicated for your region or to fill in simple registration form on our web-site.


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