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Removal of hemorrhoids in 1 hour in ON Clinic

Hemorrhoids is an anal disease, which, according to statistics, is facing more than 40% of the population between the ages of 25 to a deep old age. However, few of them are in a hurry to get rid of the disease symptoms: discomfort during the change of body position and pain during bowel movements. The reason is simple: most are afraid of the upcoming surgery, not knowing about the non-surgical techniques to solve the problem.

Doctors call the cause of the disease not only a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, and abuse addictions. Often, the disease is caused by intense weight lifting, or serious injury to the anus.

As a result of lack of timely treatment, the patient is faced with hemorrhoids on an advanced stage (3 or 4), which leads to development of more serious pathologies of the colon. For example, thrombosis of hemorrhoidal veins, heavy bleeding from the anus, and even abscess (purulent inflammation of the tissues located around the anus).

What is disarterization?

Disarterization of a haemorrhoid node is a new service, offers by medicine. This procedure is performed by the Austrian apparatus HAL-RAR Doppler II. Thanks to this device it is possible to cure hemorrhoids just in 1.

Treatment of hemorrhoids without surgery in 1 hour does not require anesthesia, and the patient's stay in hospital. After exposure to the problem area, a person can leave the clinic. Manipulation takes place without pain and the recovery period is not required.

Of the minimally invasive techniques disarterization is the most gentle one. It is the only technique that allows to cure hemorrhoids at any stage.

Treatment in ON Clinic

At the moment, to get treatment in Ukraine with the help of a new method is possible in ON Clinic Dnepr and ON Clinic Kharkov. Skilled proctology doctors will perform a thorough examination of the anus and conduct the removal of hemorrhoids using modern apparatus HAL-RAR Doppler II.

Duration of manipulations on average is about 30-40 minutes. All the rest time is taken by inspection and survey of the patient by a doctor before the procedure.

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