Vaginismus treatment in "ON Clinic"

Vaginismus is an only female pathology, and to a greater extent, associated with psych neurological disorders. Physiologically, the disease manifests itself as an unintentional contraction of vaginal and pelvic floor muscles during the gynecological examination, sexual intercourse, and tampons insertion.

The causes of the vaginismus often lie in the following:

  • unsuccessful first sexual experience;
  • partner rudeness during the sexual intercourse;
  • pathological fear of unwanted pregnancy;
  • experienced sexual violence.

The reason for the development of the vaginismus may be acute inflammatory and infectious urogenital diseases. At the same time, a sexual intimacy usually causes painful sensations and, as a consequence, a fear of the next contact and unintentional contraction of the vaginal muscles before and during the sexual intercourse.

The symptoms of vaginismus depend on the form of the disease and are as follows:

  • first degree – unintentional muscle contraction during the sexual intercourse, gynecological examination, tampon insertion;
  • second degree – the muscular system of the vagina is contracted with the minimal touch or even lack of it;
  • third degree – the muscles react with a contraction at the thought that the vagina penetration may take place.

Since the use of instrumental methods of the gynecological examination in such situations is almost impossible, the diagnosis of the vaginismus in "ON Clinic" consists of the analysis of complaints and the history taking for concomitant inflammatory diseases, anomalies of the structure of the genital organs.

Forms and types of the vaginismus

In the modern medical practice, there are several classifications of this disease according to different parameters.

Depending on the time of its occurrence, the following types are distinguished:

  • primary vaginismus (is manifested during the first attempts of gynecological examination or sexual intercourse, typical for girls without sexual experience);
  • secondary vaginismus (is formed with pathological changes in the body (colpoptosis, acute inflammatory diseases), psychological trauma associated with partner behavior, painful childbirth).

According to the reasons of the disease, true and false vaginismus is distinguished. At the first form, the cause of muscular vaginal contractions lies in psychological problems and fears of the strange touch the genitals. False vaginismus is based on the physiological causes (traumatic injuries or dryness of the vaginal walls, urogenital infections).

Preventative measures of all types of the vaginismus lie in the timely treatment of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the sexual system, solving psychoemotional problems. In case of long-time symptoms ignoring, complications of the vaginismus may develop (neurological disorders aggravation, disagreement with a partner), so do not delay to visit the doctor. If you notice unusual tension or pain during the sexual intercourse, it is advisable to seek the advice of the specialist.

Treatment of the vaginismus in the "ON Clinic" is outpatient. For this purpose, an injection technique is used to inject Botox into certain areas of the vaginal walls. As a result, you get relaxation of the muscles and reduction of painful sensations. The possibility of using this method and the number of necessary procedures is determined individually, depending on the age, the presence of the concomitant physiological and psychological problems.

A timely visit to the doctor is the key to absolute recovery and return (finding) harmony in the sexual life. In order to arrange a visit to a gynecologist at ON Clinic, you can call the number listed on the site at any time, or fill in a simple online form.

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