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Bartholin cyst

A few years ago, with the diagnosis of a Bartholin cyst, it was completely removed. But it remains in the past. In modern medicine, different methods are practiced, with the help of which it is possible to overcome this ailment without negative consequences for health.

What is bartholin gland

Bartholin gland is located at the base of the labia majora. It is a steam gland, it is located symmetrically with respect to the entrance to the vagina. The function of the Bartholin gland is to release a viscous protein fluid, which is necessary to maintain the normal moisture content of the vaginal mucosa. During intimacy, this fluid plays the role of a lubricant and contributes to a more comfortable flow of the coitus.

What can cause Bartholin gland inflammation?

Bartholin gland is located in the zone that is most susceptible to the ingress of various infections. The main cause of inflammation is the failure to comply with the rules of intimate hygiene. Bartholin gland inflammation can also lead to diseases such as vulvitis, urethritis, colpitis, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

What is dangerous in Bartholin gland inflammation?

When the gland excretory canals are blocked, the secreted fluid begins to accumulate inside and a cyst forms. Its size varies from 1 to 4 centimeters. Bartholin cyst does not cause pain, but can cause discomfort while walking. However, do not assume that it is so harmless. If the Bartholin gland treatment is not started in time, the cyst will fester and a painful abscess will form.

Treatment methods

Treatment of inflammation of the Bartholin glands can be done in two ways: by opening a cyst or installing a special catheter.

Opening a Bartholin gland cyst is the simplest, but at the same time, the least effective treatment. During the procedure, an incision is made, through which the contents of the cyst flows out and its cavity is washed, in fact, this is where the procedure ends. The inflammation disappears, but after some time there is a high probability of re-blockage of the canal of the Bartholin glands and the formation of a new cyst.

The method of installing the catheter is more complicated, but it is also highly efficient, since allows you to create a new healthy channel for the output of liquid produced by the gland. The technique is as follows: under local anesthesia, the doctor makes a small incision on a cyst or abscess, through which all the fluid accumulated in it is removed. Then a special catheter is inserted into the cleaned cavity, which will stay there for 4-5 weeks. During this period, a new channel for fluid withdrawal is formed in the Bartholin gland and the likelihood of re-inflammation becomes minimal.

Treatment of the Bartholin gland at the ON Clinic

In the medical center ON Clinic the treatment of the Bartholin gland is conducted using a catheter. The positive aspects of this technique have already been described above. The procedure for installing a catheter takes only 5-10 minutes. After undergoing a course of treatment for a Bartholin cyst in the ON Clinic, the probability of a relapse of the disease is almost zero.

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