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Labiaplasty is a very demanded operation, because of its simplicity and safety. Modern women pay a lot of attention to their appearance, trying to look perfect not only on the street, but also alone with their chosen one. Labiaplasty is not a whim or the last cry of fashion. For the most part, women go for this operation because of quite significant psychological or physiological factors.

Reasons for the need of surgery

By the will of nature, the noble mission of procreation is entrusted to a woman, and we all perfectly well know how hard it is. Often, when a child is born very large, or he goes wrong, tears and injuries can occur that deform the labia. After healing, on the surface of the lips there are ugly scars, their shape changes and becomes aesthetically unattractive. Labiaplasty allows you to get rid of these phenomena, leaving no trace of postponed childbirth.

In addition to acquired defects, the labia can be deformed from birth, being a congenital abnormality. Often, due to the irregular shape of the genital lips (very large or very small, with various growths, etc., defects), a woman may experience severe psychological discomfort during intimacy, which ultimately leads to the development of complexes.

Labiaplasty will help you get rid of your fears and enjoy all the pleasures of a happy intimate life.

Categories of operation

There are two types of Labiaplasty: increase and decrease.

Plastic of the nympha, aimed at their increase, is conducted using a special biopolymer gel. This substance interacts well with the tissues of the body and does not implore any adverse reactions. A visual increase in the labia is noticeable immediately after the operation.

Plastic surgery of the labia majora is performed through surgery, during which all excess tissue is removed.

Labiaplasty in the ON Clinic

The medical center ON Clinic is conducted a decrease, increase, postpartum and post-traumatic correction of the labia. This operation has no contraindications, except for obvious disorders and the occurrence of inflammatory and other serious diseases. Before the operation, a thorough examination is conducted, after which all possible contraindications for each individual case will be known.

Labiaplasty at the ON Clinic is usually conducted a week before the start of the menstrual cycle, since this is the most favorable period for such operations.

Intimate plasticity of the labia is a simple operation, which is absolutely not dangerous to health, but allows a woman to feel self-confidence and get rid of many complexes.

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