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The G spot

So much has been said and written about point G today that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish truth from fiction. There are even people who question the very existence of this point. But it is not. Point G exists and this fact, confirmed by scientific research in the middle of the last century.

But even despite the confirmation of its existence, millions of women all over the world are still wondering how to increase orgasm?

What is the point G?

Entering a similar query in the search engine, you will get a lot of all kinds of answers, assumptions and multi-page forum discussions. You can beat around the bush for a long time, but eventually everyone agrees that point G is an erogenous zone, which is located at a distance of 3-6 centimeters from the entrance to the vagina (on its front wall). It has a granular structure, which is clearly felt when touched. The extension of orgasm in women depends on the size of this zone, the structure of the vagina and the chosen sexual position.

What is the need to increase the point G?

It is no secret that women are much harder to reach orgasm than men. As a rule, during coitus, a clitoral orgasm is achieved, since the anatomical structure of the female genitalia is arranged in such a way that the clitoris is more easily affected during intimate closeness. But it is the vaginal orgasm that is considered the most pronounced and long lasting. Many women may never experience a vaginal orgasm in their entire life because it is most difficult to achieve. And this is not always because they had bad partners. Weak vaginal orgasm or its absence may be due to the small size of point G or the physiology of the woman and her partner.

This problem can be solve by the increasing of the point G. During the procedure, the gynecologist conducted a number of manipulations that increase the size and sensitivity of point G.

Increasing the point G at the ON Clinic

If you ask the question "how to increase the orgasm?", we will help you! Increasing the point G is a very simple, and, most importantly, completely painless and safe way to increase the sharpness of sensations during intimacy.

During the procedure, the gynecologist introduces the patient's own fat, or a special preparation that contains hyaluronic acid, to the G-spot zone (by injection). It is worth noting the simplicity of this procedure, because it lasts no more than half an hour, and at its end there is no rehabilitation period, i.e. you can immediately return to normal life.

Increasing the point G at the ON Clinic has a very high efficiency. In our medical practice, there have been cases when desperate patients came to us who believed that they were unable to reach orgasm, but after increasing the G point their life changed radically.

Intimate relationships with a partner is an essential component of our life and it is very important that both partners enjoy sexual intimacy. With our help, you will stop tormenting the question "how to increase your orgasm," because you will feel it. Increasing the point G in the ON Clinic is a natural and safe procedure that does not harm your health. To make an appointment to the gynecologist, you just need to call the telephone number specified for your region, or fill out a simple appointment form on our website.

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