Vacuum aspiration (mini-abortion) in "ON Clinic"

There are several methods of abortion and mini-abortion is one of the safest of them. Unlike surgical abortion, vacuum aspiration does not require scraping of the uterine cavity or a strong cervix dilation. The vascular network is not affected. Therefore, early termination of pregnancy has important benefits:

  • The procedure is painless

  • Minimum risks of hemorrhage and infection

  • No hospitalization or long preparation

  • Minimal psychological discomfort

  • Rapid restoration of reproductive function: you can plan to conceive in 2 months.

The procedure is as follows. A vacuum aspirator is introduced into the uterus through its cervix, creating negative pressure in the cavity. This makes the fetal egg detach from the wall and get out of the body. No additional manipulation is required, the mucous membrane is not injured and the vascular tissue is not affected. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes no more than half an hour. After the procedure, the patient may feel slight discomfort comparable to menstrual pain, which lasts for several hours.

However, a mini-abortion can only be done at the early terms: to 6-8 weeks. This is due to the fetal formation features: during the first two months, it is easy to separate it from the uterus without the risk of the organ damage.

Artificial termination of pregnancy has the following medical indications:

  • Chronic diseases incompatible with the natural child-bearing

  • Developmental pathologies;

  • Threat to the life of a woman

  • The need to perform medical procedures that are incompatible with pregnancy urgently.

Benefits of vacuum aspiration

Safe termination of pregnancy justifies its name: its main advantage is minimal risk for a woman. Since the uterine cavity is not injured, the risk of infection and inflammation is excluded. The mucosa completely recovers within 3-4 weeks and then a woman is ready to conceive.

Another advantage of the procedure, in comparison with surgical termination of pregnancy, is a simple preparation for a mini-abortion. After a gynecological examination, the doctor refers the woman to:

  • General blood and urine tests

  • Ultrasound

  • HIV and hepatitis tests.

This is necessary for determining a general health condition. There are some contraindications to the vacuum pregnancy termination. They are:

  • Systemic blood diseases

  • Acute infections

  • Oncological diseases

  • Ectopic pregnancy

  • Recent childbirth.

The procedure is contraindicated at later terms. In this case, an experienced gynecologist chooses other methods of abortion.

The third advantage of the procedure is a short rehabilitation period, which does not require abandoning the habitual way of life. However, there are some limitations: during the first weeks, you should avoid significant physical loads and sexual contacts because the mucous tissues need to restore (the first two or three weeks). It is also recommended to use barrier contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to protect against STDs.

Safe abortion technology does not affect the reproductive function of a woman and does not prevent conception in the future. However, it is recommended to start planning a new pregnancy no earlier than six months after vacuum aspiration. You should also undergo regular preventive gynecological examinations.

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