Diagnostic examination in ON Clinic Uzhgorod is carried out in departments of dermatology and proctology. Special recognition in the dermatology a dermatoscope got, used to examine moles and affected areas. With it, at multiple increase of moles or other tumors, the doctor will determine its nature and orient on further action. Already at the first visit the dermatologist will examine, advise and, if necessary, prescribe an effective treatment regimen. In order to determine a more accurate picture, a specialist may prescribe the analysis.

In proctology department such examination method as a rectoromanoscopy makes it possible to examine the rectum and its slightest changes. Image of the studies will be displayed on the screen and the doctor and patient will be able to see straight inside the colon mucosa. For comfort of the patient, this procedure is carried out in a prone position on the left side, there also used anesthetic gel.

Such methods of examination as a rectoromanoscopy and anoscopy will determine the color of the mucous membrane, and presence on its wall hemorrhoids, scars, cracks, or polyps. Proctologists recommended after 30 years to get regularly examined at the proctologist, at least once a year.

Remember, timely examination will not only prevent development of certain diseases, but also in the early stages to notice appearance of the disease. It is important that for every conscious person it became commonplace to take preventive diagnostics. In Europe, this practice is widely applicable.

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