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ON Clinic – expert in solving the sexual problems

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ON Clinic representations in Ukraine

ON Clinic customers feedbacks

  • « Я, Кокорин Олег Львович, проходил обследование и лечение в вашей клинике. Был приятно удивлен профессионализмом и приятным отношением медицинского персонала. Лечение прошло в краткие сроки, в удобное для меня время и без операции, что было очень важно с учетом моей проблемы. Огромное вам спасибо за отношение к больным и за вашу работу. »

    Олег Львович. Poltava
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  • « По свежим впечатлениям и результатам лечения у врача дерматолога Подпориновой Зои Анатольевны хочется написать просто и со смыслом - "я вам не скажу за всю Одессу, но талант действительно не пропьешь..." :-)) А если серьезно - то и врач и операционная сестра и клиника в целом оставляют самые хорошие впечатления, все делается на современном уровне, современном оборудовании, качеств ... »

    Вячеслав Павлович. Kharkiv (m.Pushkinskaya)
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  • « Искренняя благодарность дерматологу Подпориновой Зое Анатольевне за правильно поставленный диагноз и назначенное лечение, которое начало давать результаты буквально со второго дня. Никаких дорогих анализов, препараты самые дешевые (таблетки 40 грн, мазь 115 грн). До Зои Анатольевны, мне ставили самые «экзотические» диагнозы, соответственно и дорогие уникальные лекарства назначались. Вот так, опыт ... »

    Валентина. Kharkiv (m.Pushkinskaya)
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Clinic of andrology, center of gynecology, proctology and dermatology

Welcome to the Web site of ON Clinic medical centers network in Ukraine! Corporation «On Clinic International» has been operating since 1989 and over years of work it has earned a world leader status in the treatment of male sexual disorders, as well as proctologic and gynecological diseases. Today the network includes 59 branches worldwide.

Basic specialization of ON Clinic medical centers network in Ukraine:

  • Non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids, rectal fissures et al. (proctology);
  • Treatment of male sexual dysfunctions and prostatitis (Center of andrology and urology);
  • The radio frequency treatment of cervical erosion, treatment of various kinds of gynecological diseases (gynecological Centre);
  • Non-hormonal treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases (department of dermatology).
  • The modern center of proctology in ON Clinic makes it possible to effectively solve health issues in a comfortable environment, with no queues and rush, and most importantly, without surgery. In most clinics a female proctologist gives consultation (a female proctologist) that allows to minimize any discomfort for the fair gender.

    Urological center (Medical Center of Urology and Andrology), acting in ON Clinic is a complete andrology clinic on the basis of the modern clinical laboratory. Accurate diagnosis and highly skilled professionals can successfully treat such men's urological diseases like erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, premature ejaculation, etc.

    Medical center of gynecology specializes in radio-wave treatment of cervical erosion, treatment of inflammatory and non-inflammatory diseases, cervical pathologies. In addition, ON Clinic has a service of medical abortion – the most gentle method of pregnancy termination. If you are interested in gynecology, the site provides the opportunity to sign up to the doctor, ask a question or pricing for services.

    Due to the wide geography of the corporation ON Clinic, our doctors have an opportunity to follow the advanced technologies of diagnosis and treatment of diseases in all continents, and each of our clinics of urology and andrology, proctology, gynecology and dermatology quickly introduces them to work. High standards of care and service are the same for every one of our branches. At the clinics there work doctors of the highest category, candidates of medical sciences. Continuous professional development is carried out in its own methodical center of the Corporation together with the Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.