Examination at the proctologist

Complete rectal examination by a proctologist: methods and principles

For the purpose of adequate therapy and successful treatment of any colorectal diseases the correct diagnosis is essential. Modern proctology has a wide range of diagnostic methods.

Early diagnosis and treatment of the rectum and anus in proctology become more comfortable and productive thanks to the latest examination methods. Complex instrumental, visual and video examination of rectum and hemorrhoids allow already at the initial examination to make an accurate diagnosis. The proctologist immediately assigns the correct treatment.

Special equipment helps to carry instrumental methods of research of the rectum. These include:

  • anoscopy;
  • rectoromanoscopy;
  • barium enema (an x-ray);
  • colonoscopy.

Video examination at the proctologist with a device (to a depth of 20 cm) relates to endoscopic diagnostic methods. It is carried out by means of videorectoscope: medical device, equipped with a special video optics.

Despite the abundance of high-tech instrumental methods of examination, manual method takes in modern diagnosis not the last place. First, check of the rectum and manually inspection is required during the initial examination. Secondly, finger examination of the anus and the anal pass allows even accurately diagnose a malignant tumor of the anus. After all, in 50% of all cases of cancer proctologic pathology, the tumor is localized within reach of the fingers introduced in the anus.

Proctology is a sensitive area of medical practice. No wonder that every patient is interested in questions, how the rectal examination of a proctologist in the clinic takes place, what and how a proctologist examines, how to examine the rectum with ease and without pain.

In ON Clinic medical center the rectal examination, tests and biopsy are conducted as comfortable as possible for the patient. Proctologist assigns only a biopsy for suspected polyps or tumors.

Full-time diagnosis, the procedure of its conducting

Few people are aware, what is complex proctology examination of the rectum. Meanwhile, even the little knowledge of how to make a diagnosis of colon at the proctologist, will avoid the embarrassing moments.

Most patients are accustomed to think that the only position for proctology examination – is on all fours, leaning on the couch with arms bent in elbows. Either in a gynecological chair. However, the knee-elbow position is not the only possible position for examination. And those who have already visited the medical center ON Clinic is well known in what position the examination at proctologist takes place. It is lying on one’s side on the couch with legs bent in knees. Very comfortable and natural position for the patient, which allows to relax as much as possible: both morally and physically.

The shy fair gender will always worry about the question of how women are passing the proctologic inspection. In fact, there are no significant differences between examination of men and women.

Along with the question of in what position the patients are examined, many are interested in the question: what the proctologist is examining?

Rectal examination of the rectum in proctology allows the doctor to visually assess the state of the anus, anal mucosa and muscle, as well as the distal and sigmoid rectum departments.

In order not to put off a visit to the proctologist for the next day due to lack of preparation, it is necessary to know how to prepare for examination at the proctologist. One need to change for the light meal and get an enema the day before the examination.

Before deciding to pass examination at the proctologist, the patient will take an interest in how much the complex of diagnostic measures necessary for an accurate diagnosis is. The cost of the study at the proctologist is formed taking into account all diagnostic measures which it includes.

Each person should remember that the price of colorectal comprehensive examination is always lower than the price, which one subsequently has to spend on treatment when the disease is already far gone. Therefore, timely diagnosis saves both from complications, and from serious expenses.

Anus examination

Proctology and diagnosis of proctologic diseases plays a crucial role in functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, reproductive system status.

What are the procedures and diagnostic methods of proctologic diseases? Current methods of anus studies include:

  • finger rectal examination;
  • instrumental inspection of the anus (anoscopy);
  • video examination (video anoscopy, video rectoscopy);
  • colonoscopy;
  • ergography (X-ray with contrast agent);
  • US-examination;
  • biopsy, cytology.

Methods of examination in proctology can detect the slightest structural changes in the mucous membrane of the anus (presence of infiltrates, scarring, fistulas), timely diagnose polyps oncological formations.

Sampling of biopsy material usually occurs during rectoromanoscopy, when the doctor looks through an endoscope at the state of the rectum and distal department of the sigmoid colon. Does it hurt to do a biopsy? Experience of a proctologist and successfully selected position for the examination minimize the possibility of discomfort. Moreover, there applied an anesthetic gel during the anus examination.

What procedures are included in examination of the anal canal at the doctor? Usually it is finger examination of the anus, anoscopy and rectoscopy. Forms of examination of the patient are various. Their selection is different and depends on the nature of complaints.

That is included into the deep examination, what is needed for successful implementation of it? Rectoromanoscopy allows to explore the rectum and sigmoid on a depth of 30-35 cm.

What should a proctologist check at the visit? Status of perianal tissues, anus hole and rectum mucous membrane.

How often do you need to be checked? At least once a year. And it's not just proctology, but any field of medicine. And in presence of anxious disorders (persistent diarrhea or constipation, painful defecation) one should pass the examination immediately.

To pass the first examination at the proctologist – for a person it is always a psychological trial. About the procedure, how the anus is examined, which actions does the proctologist do while the examination, there exist legends among people, embarrassing beginners’ minds. However, a proctologist in the diagnostic center of a multidisciplinary clinic ON Clinic dare assure any doubters: it does not hurt and it is not ashamed. Much shame is not to take care of one’s own health.

Experts of the center ON Clinic will make every effort to make your first visit to proctologic room as much as possible relaxed. And most importantly – accurate in terms of diagnosis.

A proctologist examination includes:

  • videoanoscopy (examination of the rectum to a depth of 6 cm);
  • rectoscopy (examination of the rectum to a depth of 15 cm);
  • finger examination of the anus.

Complete proctology examination lasts about 40 minutes. There used disposable instruments, the treatment may be started already at the first visit.

Treatment is carried out in the cities: