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Anal polyps – treatment and diagnostics in “ON Clinic Sumy”

Anal polyps are benign neoplasms in the rectum. At the same time, over the level of the mucous membrane, the glandular epithelium proliferates, which can have the form of a fungus or a ball, with or without a pedicle.

The most common are the so-called glandular polyps which reach a size of up to 3 cm in diameter and often have a pedicle. Sometimes, due to the pedicle, the polyp has great mobility and can fall out of the anal canal. The likelihood of the transition of the anal polyp to cancer depends on its size.

Since anal polyps are related to premalignant neoplasms, it is, therefore, important to have a timely diagnostics of the rectum and treatment of the identified diseases. This is complicated by the fact that the polyp of the anal canal for a long time can be completely asymptomatic and is often detected accidentally or during the preventive examination. Accordingly, every person in adulthood should undergo the diagnostics in the center of proctology with the use of rectoscopy.

The polyp of the anal canal in the majority of patients proceeds absolutely asymptomatically and is usually detected when examined by a proctologist. However, in some cases, anal polyps can be manifested by bleeding, bloating and increased gas production, stool disorders, mucus secretions, discomfort and pains in the anus.

Timely diagnostics and removal of anal polyps, which are almost always asymptomatic, is the main measure for the prevention of colon cancer. In the medical center “ON Clinic Sumy”, anal polyps are removed using the radio wave method – without pain and surgery.

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