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Patient’s best choice 2018: results of the year gone by

Together with winter holidays on the eve of 2019, medical centre "ON Clinic Sumy" and the whole "ON Clinic" network celebrates another equally important event — win in nomination “Consumer’s best choice 2018”.

Whom did patients entrust their health to?

To "ON Clinic Sumy".

Independent appraisal system of the companies of our country declared "ON Clinic Sumy" to be a reliable company — leader of consumer liking at the medical market of Ukraine. Independent consumer survey of the quality of medical services rendered by centre confirmed European servicing level at "ON Clinic" market.

Award came to its winner. Immediately before New Year holidays medical centre "ON Clinic Sumy" got cheering and unexpected news from All-Ukrainian Industry Analytical Centre. According to results of independent expert assessment, "ON Clinic Sumy" is listed in register “Best goods and service suppliers”. Now our medical centre makes the list of 3 % of the most top companies and hence is considered one of the most significant in the sphere of medicine.

This award is an achievement of the whole "ON Clinic" network, this is years of hard work of consummate professionals with work  experience in different medical spheres, implementation of know-how in diagnostics of proctologic, urologic, gynecologic an other diseases.
"ON Clinic" expresses much appreciation to all patients of clinic in all cities of Ukraine for the choice you will not regret. Thanks to you we are proudly named as a leader of the year among significant representatives in the medical sphere.

Thank you for your trust and appraisal.

Network of "ON Clinic" medical centres thanks sincerely to All-Ukrainian Industry Analytical Centre for nomination and recommendation of "ON Clinic Sumy" for cooperation; we also express appreciation to Association of Economic Cooperation and Development for recommendation of "ON Clinic Sumy" to National Program “Consumer’s best choice 2018”.

We will meet and answer your expectations.

"ON Clinic" is your choice and your clinic!