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Proctology department in Uzhgorod

Being healthy – this is happiness. But what to do if you notice a drop of blood on underwear or toilet paper, you become painful to sit or lie down, there is a significant discomfort, which you can not cope alone?

Most of us are not in a hurry to go to the hospital. Proctology is terrifying, so we think that everything will go by itself.

Unfortunately, this opinion is erroneous. Proctologic disease progresses with each passing hour. Moreover, they represent a danger to the whole organism. For example, cause constipation, malfunction of the digestive and urinary tract, leading to cancer. Department of proctology is a specialized department that can help solve the existing problem quickly and efficiently.

When you are concerned about the unpleasant symptoms of the anus, be sure to get expert advice of a proctologist. With maximum comfort it can be done in ON Clinic Uzhgorod. Experienced Medical Center uses revolutionary and modern techniques in treatment of diseases of the anus. Total confidentiality guarantees your peace of mind, and the rapid and qualitative survey, along with effective treatment to quickly get rid of the problem.

The price of proctology services in ON Clinic Uzhgorod will save your money. You are spared from the agonizing queues waiting for attention of the doctor, having the opportunity to make an appointment at any time without disrupting their traditional way of life. Furthermore, here, each patient may pay part of the treatment course.

Already at the first visit you will get the desired range of diagnostic measures. Proctology in Uzhgorod is provided by qualified personnel, modern equipment and minimally invasive techniques. Doctors will select effective drugs, paint a detailed treatment plan, and describe the basic preventive measures to maintain your health

Remember, treatment all the same can not be avoided! Sooner or later the disease (anal fissure, hemorrhoids, polyps, papillomas, etc.) will have an effect, but not in an easy way, but with complications. Why bring the situation to an extreme?

Diagnosis in proctology: 

Come to the department of proctology in ON Clinic Uzhgorod. You will receive quality medical care. Do not doubt!

Make an appointment with a proctologist now!

Department doctors

Proctologic examination - 270 UAH

Includes: physical examination of a patient, digital examination of the rectum, anoscopy, rectoscopy. See more

Repeated proctologist reception - 220 UAH

Repeated proctologist reception is not paid by patients who are on course treatment.