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Treatment of anal itching in Uzhgorod

Anal itching is a disease characterized by irritation and redness in the anus. Agree, it is very delicate and extremely unpleasant problem. In addition, itching in the anus provides a lot of aesthetic and psychological problems. Especially it is shown at night and at friction with clothes.

Uncomfortable and uncertain is the person who, being with strangers, is suffering from itching. Specialists of "On Clinic Uzhgorod" successfully solve this problem with the help of modern methods. Today it is possible to remove the itch near the anus in the conditions of the comfortable clinic without consequences and complications.

Causes of itching in the anus The causes of anal itching can be very diverse. An unpleasant problem can indicate the presence of helminths, hemorrhoids and other diseases of the rectum, fungal diseases or violation of personal hygiene rules. Itching of the anal region can be secondary and primary. Secondary itching is the accompaniment of a particular disease.

Treatment of anal itching in "On Clinic Uzhgorod" has the following advantages:

  • comfortable conditions;
  • high efficiency of the used methods;
  • treatment without pain and surgery;
  • individual approach.

To begin with, the doctor examines the condition of the rectum, which will help to understand why there was an itch around the anus. In case of detection of hemorrhoids, special ointments, creams are prescribed, and latex ligation can also be used. And no operations!

Summarizing, it can be said that the itch in the anal passage is curable. You just need to choose a decent clinic with a good reputation. You shouldn't self-medicate and resort to non-conventional medicine. It is necessary to find out the reasons for the itching of the anus. Proctologists of the medical center "On Clinic" will help you in this!

Proctologic examination - 270 UAH

Includes: physical examination of a patient, digital examination of the rectum, anoscopy, rectoscopy. See more

Repeated proctologist reception - 220 UAH

Repeated proctologist reception is not paid by patients who are on course treatment.