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Treatment of an anal crack in Uzhgorod

Anal fissure (chronic anal fissure) – a violation of the integrity of the mucosa of the anus. Sometimes it is followed by pain and bleeding. The main reasons for its occurrence include birth trauma, adherence to anal sex, weakening of the muscles of the anus, heavy physical labor, unhealthy lifestyle.

Scientists have proved: the anal crack after the delivery arises at 30% of women who have decided on natural patrimonial activity due to the lack of contraindications.

In "On Clinic Uzhgorod" you receive effective treatment of a chronic anal crack or crack which only has begun to disturb. In both cases, the main symptoms of a disease are bleedings from the anus, pain and spasm (increased tone of the sphincter).

Proctologists will quickly eliminate symptomatology and will pass to the elimination of a crack without surgery. In "On Clinic Uzhgorod" apply excision of an anal crack by “Surgitron ” . It is the modern radio-wave device which directs a radio-wave bunchaccurately to an affected area. Such way doesn't cause pain and complications.

Therefore it has gained the huge popularity in the treatment of a set of proctological diseases, in particular easily eliminates hemorrhoids, cosmetic defects of an anus (warts, papillomas, fimbriae).

Chronic anal cracks

The reasons of anal cracks can hide even in improper feeding. If you eat excessively ssalty, hot and smoked dishes, there are constant failures in the work of a stomach and intestines. This leads to a disruption in the processing of food and the removal of residues to the outside. As a result, the crack becomes your constant satellite, developing into a chronic form.

The anal crack which symptoms have quickly an effect demands only medical treatment. To try national means and pharmaceutical medicines it is fraught with consequences.

Don't risk! Apply for qualified help in "On Clinic Uzhgorod". Even the sharp anal crack which treatment needs to be begun as soon as possible won't bring a lot of trouble if react to a problem in time.

Excision (removal) of an anal crack

Removal of an anal crack the device "Surgitron" — a low-invasive method which has gained wide recognition in a modern proctology. The procedure is painless, hems at the same time don't remain. Right after the session, you will be able to leave the clinic.

The anal crack which excision is carried out a radio-wave can cause sharp paraproctitis, hemorrhoids, thrombosis of hemorrhoids. These diseases turn life into the real nightmare. Therefore symptoms of anal cracks which treatment without pain can be received in "On Clinic Uzhgorod" need to be eliminated at once. Don't wait until there are complications.

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