Answers and questions on pediatric urology

Hello! The glans penis does not open in the boy (3.5 years old), and there is a little discharge on the glans – like pus, what can it be and how to treat it?
Answer: 10.07.2020

Hello! Discharge can be physiological or pathological. At this age, the glans may not open completely, because there can be embryonic adhesions of glans to the foreskin. If there is no redness, anxiety of the child, then pay attention to hygiene measures (rinsing, baths). And we recommend that you seek advice from a pediatric urologist.

Chekanov Dmitry Yur'yevich
Pediatric urologist. Highest category. Work experience is 18 years.
What should we do if the boy is 11 and the foreskin has not yet opened?
Answer: 19.09.2019

If the glans penis does not open at the age of 11, then this condition is called phimosis. Treatment can be both operative and non-surgical conservative. In order to choose the treatment strategy, visit a pediatric urologist.

Buhmin Aleksey Vyacheslavovich
Pediatric urologist. Highest qualification category. Work experience is 28 years.