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How often do you think about health?

Only when you feel sick, don’t you?

So do I.

I felt especially sharply not a long time ago, and in the very embarrassing place. It turned out that people who stand long can suffer from hemorrhoid. These are sellers, hairdressers, sale managers and even leading lights in medicine — surgeons. But I happened to know it only in proctologist’s room where I have never gone before, and the pain was so strong that I had to overcome shame and desire to avoid visit to this doctor. But the fact of the matter is that there was nothing tragic about my visit and treatment, and if only I could see a doctor in time it would be more than ok.
If you are still afraid of proctologist, you do not visit preventive proctologic examinations — you do yourself a disservice. I saw it for myself. Do not repeat my mistake. Read the below information on proctologic health. 

Think about health now! #ПРОЗДОРОВЬЕ

Proctology is a medical specialty which studies the disease of lower bowels and surrounding tissues, methods of their diagnostics, treatment and preventive measures. Proctologist is responsible for the health of anus, straight and segmented intestines.
Quantity of registered proctologic diseases increases year on year. If mostly senior citizens visit doctors before, now average age of patients decreased significantly. Young men and women over 25 years often visit his specialist. Such tendency is promoted by a variety of factors:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • unbalanced diet with insufficient content of dietary fibre;
  • high level of stress.

Situation becomes worse following the decrease in immunity, chronic and acute infections of gastrointestinal tract. Normal functioning of intestines deteriorates, bowel voiding is difficult, tissues lose tonus, intestinal obstructions and pains during defecation appear. Strong indications of proctologic diseases are the following:

  • painfulness around anal orifice occurred after physical labour and long walks;
  • swellings, bunions and inflammation areas near anus;
  • blood discharge during defecation (traces can be observed on the toilet paper);
  • itching near anal orifice;
  • sense of foreign body in anus.

If one or several symptoms are observed it is necessary to visit proctologist. Before visiting a doctor it is recommended to perform simple preparation.
During examination, doctor interviews a patient, performs initial examination, determines need for additional instrumental examinations and lab analyses. Diagnostics of proctologic diseases includes the following:

  • palpation of straight intestine to determine sphincter of tone, condition of surrounding tissues;
  • anoscopy or rectoromanoscopy, procedures for studying rectal mucosa, detecting inflammation and hemorrhage focuses, finding neoplasma, etc.

It is often enough for precise diagnosing and preparation of effective therapy plan.
Regular preventive consultation by proctologist will help to keep and maintain healthy intestine and to avoid many complications associated with anal orifice diseases.

Causes of proctologic diseases

Most commonly proctology deals with disturbance of large intestine motor function. This segment of gastroenteric tract is responsible for formation and egestion of fecal masses and during the whole life accumulates toxins and microbes. In case of decrease in immunity, unhealthy diet (which deteriorates vermicular movement), blood and lymth congestion caused by hypodynamia, large intestine can no more efficiently perform its function.

Anal orifice diseases develop. The following contributes to them:

  • genetic disposition;
  • congenital abnormalities;
  • overweight;
  • the last trimester of pregnancy;
  • old age.

If you are in high-risk group, do not wait till you have the first symptoms and undergo examination by proctologist. Many diseases cause no discomfort at the early stages. For instance, if patient has hemorrhoid he feels no pain in anal orifice until pathology turns into the second or third stage. And only then changes in bowel movement (defecation with blood), painful sense during bowel evacuation and discomfort in anus area start to appear.

Proctologic diseases at advanced stages can lead to complications. Permanent mucosa inflammation causes formation of ulcers or even growth of neoplasma with the following canceration. Often patients face with bowel prolapse, fissures in its mucosa, hemorrhage.

Early examination by proctologist enables to detect pathology at the early stages and start treatment in proper time. At the initial stages most diseases require no surgical intervention, drug treatment is enough for complete recovery of large intestine functioning.

“ON Clinic” proposes to undergo examination by experiences specialists. Our proctological department has modern equipment for fast and precise diagnosing.
Our specialists treat the following diseases:

  • Hemorrhoid. Disease caused by distensibility of straight intestine hemorrhoid veins.
  • Thrombosed hemorrhoids. The disease is caused by rupture of vessels and congestion of hemorrhoid veins.
  • Cryptitis. Pathology characterized by inflammation in sinus of lower bowels.
  • Аnal fissures. They are usually caused by impaired performance of gastroenteric tract or athletic overexertion.
  • Anal fimbria. This is the name of skin folds around the anus.
  • Anal condylomata, papylomas. Another type of skin formations, but their growth is provoked by virus infection.
  • Anal polyps. Bening carcinomatous neoplasma in straight intestine.

You can register to visit proctologist on the website or by phone of "ON Clinic Sumy".

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