Privacy Policy

1. This Policy is effective for all the online services (hereinafter – “the Services”) provided by the medical centers of the “ON CLINIC” network in Ukraine with regard to the use of personal data gathered during the visit to

2. This Policy is an adhesion agreement: the use of the Services by the User means the adhesion of the User to this Agreement in full and confirms his or her consent to the terms below.

3. The Owner processes the personal data of the User by any means available to ensure the proper service of the User (identification, authentication, sending informational materials per the User’s subscription, answering the User’s requests and letters, as well as other actions required for the proper service of the Services).

4. When the User uses websites of any Service, the Owner collects and processes the User’s data, specifically:

  • the data provided by the User both when filling out the registration forms of the Services and during the use of the Services;
  •  “cookie” files;

4.1. You may learn how to prevent your browser from accepting new “cookies” or how to set your browser to always decline “cookies” in the “Help” section in the toolbar of most Internet browsers. If “cookies” are off, the User may not have access to important functions or specific features of our website, and the use of the website may be restricted. Referral markers used on the website may be related to the User’s personal data.

5. The Owner enters the User’s personal data into the personal data bases of the website users from the moment the User first starts using the Service, and continuously updates it throughout the period in which the User utilizes any Service. Personal data is stored only for the period required for their processing. After the subject of personal data stops being the user of the Website, his or her personal data is also automatically deleted.

6. While the User utilizes the Services, the webpages of the Services may contain the codes of third party online resources, as a result of which such third parties receive data listed in the Article 4 of this Agreement. Such third party online resources are:

6.1. systems for gathering the statistics of the usage of the Services (Google Analytics, etc.);

6.2. social plugins (blocks) of social networks (such as Facebook, etc.);

6.3. other resources.

7. The Owner will endeavor to ensure that the data you provide is used for the purposes stated on our website (and remains confidential). The Owner uses de-identified data for measured provision of advertisement and/or information materials based on age, gender, other data; for statistical research; for any other purposes respective of the goals of the Owner’s activities.

8. The User has all the rights regarding the protection of his or her personal data stipulated by the effective legislation of Ukraine, in particular the Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection”, specifically:

8.1. Personal non-proprietary rights for personal data that every natural person has are integral and inviolable.

8.2. The subject of personal data has the right:

8.2.1. to know the location of the personal data base containing his or her personal data, its purpose and name, location and/or residence of the owner or administrator of personal data, or to provide the relevant inquiry regarding the persons, authorized by him or her, gaining this information, except for the cases stipulated by the law;

8.2.2. to receive information on the terms of providing access to personal data, in particular the information on third parties receiving his or her personal data;

8.2.3. to access his or her personal data;

8.2.4. to receive the answer regarding whether his or her personal data is stored in the respective data base, as well as to receive the contents of his or her personal data being stored, within thirty calendar days from the date of the inquiry, except for the cases stipulated by the law;

8.2.5. to present a substantiated demand with refusal against the processing of his or her personal data to the owner of personal data;

8.2.6. to present a substantiated demand regarding the amendment or deletion of his or her personal data by any owner and administration of personal data, if this data is processes illegally or is incorrect;

8.2.7. for the protection of his or her personal data from illegal processing and accidental loss, destruction, damage due to willful hiding, non-provision or untimely provision, as well as for protection against the provision of data that is incorrect or damaging to the dignity, honor and business reputation of the natural entity;

8.2.8. to address complaints regarding the use of his or her personal data to the state authorities and officials authorized to protect personal data, or to the court;

8.2.9. to utilize the means of judicial protection in case of the violation of laws on the protection of personal data;

8.2.10. to present warnings regarding restrictions on the processing of his or her personal data when giving consent;

8.2.11. to withdraw the consent for personal data processing;

8.2.12. to know the mechanism of the automated processing of personal data.

9. Personal data is processed in data centers containing the equipment ensuring the functioning of the Services. The Owner takes all the actions, stipulated by the law, to protect the User’s personal data. In particular, the personal data is processed using equipment located on guarded premises with restricted access.

10. The Owner has the right to amend the terms of this Agreement in a unilateral fashion. In this case, all the amendments will be published at this address and will be binding for the User after 10 days from the date of such publication.

11. When using the website, you accept this privacy policy. If you do not accept the privacy policy, please do not use the Services of