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Examination and diagnostics in urology in “ON Clinic Poltava”

Given how difficult it is for a man to admit of having sexual problems even to himself, it is not surprising that he often delays an appointment with an urologist for an indefinite period. Specialists of “ON Clinic Poltava” made every effort to make patients of the urological department feel comfortable and relaxed. Thus, men easily overcome the psychological barrier and seek professional help on time.

In “ON Clinic Poltava”, you may not face the problem of hospital queues and a lot of familiar faces from neighboring houses. Confidentiality of visits is an important moment in such an intimate matter as urology. At the entrance, friendly personnel welcome the patients and help to arrange a personal health record, offer beverages, and guide to the doctor’s office. Such details, of course, are not the main thing, but they create an atmosphere of trust and comfort. Any treatment is much more effective if the patient trusts his doctor.

The urological examination begins in the office of ultrasound. Examination of the prostate gland should be performed in case of any complaint to the genital area. The prostate is examined both transrectally and transabdominally – at the patient’s request.

The results of the ultrasound examination together with the medical record are given to the urologist. He takes the history, helps to understand psychological issues and conducts diagnostic procedures:

  • finger examination of the prostate. An indispensable method of research, which enables to check the elasticity of the consistency of the prostate and the painlessness of the patient’s sensations;
  • dopplerography. This modern method of examining the vessels of the penis is based on the Doppler effect. It enables to examine the movement of blood in the vessel, its direction and rate and to determine the area of the blood flow disturbance, to find obstacles (plaques, thrombi) and to establish the degree of lesion of the vessels of the penis. Dopplerography is absolutely painless and harmless examination, therefore it can be made repeatedly;
  • biothesiometry of the penis. With the use of a device based on the principle of electromagnetic vibration, the sensitivity of the penis and its innervation are investigated. Reduced sensitivity to vibration indicates the damage to nerve endings;
  • vasoactive test (according to indications). It is a single injection of a special substance of a certain concentration to check the mechanism of erection and determine the causes of its disorder.

Due to the integrated approach, it is already possible at the first visit to identify the nature of urological problems and help the patient get rid of them.

Preparation for the examination

One hour before the visit (if US is planned), it is necessary to fill the bladder – drink up to 1 liter of still water. If a patient is planning to take tests, you should not urinate for 3 hours before an appointment. The day before the visit it is not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages, and you also need to refrain from having sexual intercourse.

Visit to urologist + Ultrasound examination priced at 270 UAH

Examination includes: prostate gland Ultrasound examination, digital rectal investigation of prostate, Doppler sonography and biothesiometry (if medically required), consultation of urologist. Erectile function testing in case of any sexual problems. See more

Visit to urologist without ultrasound examination - 200 UAH

Examination includes: digital rectal investigation of prostate, biothesiometry (if medically required), consultation of urologist. Erectile function testing in case of any sexual problems. See more

Visit to women’s urologist - 200 UAH

It includes: interview, patient intake, physical examination. See more

Return visit to urologist - 170 UAH

Consultative visit.

Return visit to women’s urologist - 150 UAH

It includes: consultation, interpretation of additional examination methods.