Department of Trichology in "ON Clinic of Poltava"

Hair and scalp treatment is the main task of specialists in trichology. They are engaged not only in diagnosing but also in revealing the true cause of diseases. Attempts for self-treatment with the help of advertised medications often have a short-lived effect or even lead to an aggravation of the situation, so the consultation of the trichologist is mandatory when the following problems are identified:

  • excessively greasy or dry hair;
  • scruf;
  • brittle, split ends;
  • baldness (full or focal);
  • sensitive scalp, prone to irritation;
  • slow hair growth;
  • premature graying;
  • hair loss.

Since the cause of most of the above problems lies inside the body (the general condition of the immune system, the functioning of the glands of internal secretion, neurological problems, genetic predisposition), complex diagnosis is necessary.

The primary trichologist's method consists of a visual assessment of the scalp and hair structure, collection of anamnestic data, trichoscopy, and the assignment of the necessary spectrum of laboratory and instrumental examinations. Only on the basis of the analyzes performed, a diagnosis is made, a therapy plan and appropriate medications are prescribed.

In order to treat the scalp and hair diseases medicine for internal and external use, physiotherapy procedures, mesotherapy are prescribed. An integrated approach to the treatment of trichological pathologies provides a lasting result and a radiant, healthy look of hair for a long time.

Experienced specialists of the medical center "ON Clinic Poltava" practice a personal approach to each patient and his problem, and make recommendations to reserve achieved a therapeutic effect.

Our specialists treat the following diseases:

  • scruf and itchy scalp;
  • seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp;
  • alopecia – nesting, diffuse, androgenetic;
  • psoriasis of the scalp.

One of the common mistakes of many patients is long-term attempts to cope with the problem independently with the help of mass-market tools. As a consequence, valuable time is wasted which an experienced specialist could use to solve the problem.

Trichologist consultation helps to determine the exact cause of the disease, eliminate not only unpleasant symptoms (itching, scalp peeling, brittle or hair loss), but also prevent its re-emergence. In addition, the specialist will make recommendations concerning the proper home care, the selection of cosmetics that is suitable for you, adherence to a balanced diet.

Trichologists of the medical center "ON Clinic Poltava" use advanced medical techniques and unique medications that allow achieving the improvement of the hair structure, to intensify their growth. Thanks to the complex combination of medicament, physio-and mesotherapy, one can get rid of alopecia and return the hair follicles the same life force.

An experienced trichologist in Poltava will help to cope with the aesthetic problems (scruf, dull, rare, rapidly fading hair), eliminate many complexes associated with it. Healthy appearance affects the internal state, so if you find the slightest painful symptoms, a visit to a specialist should not be postponed.

To arrange a visit to a trichologist in the "ON Clinic Poltava" in advance it is enough to spend a few minutes: fill in the online form on the site or contact the specified telephone number.

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