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Treatment of anal fissures in “ON Clinic Poltava”

Statistics collected over several years of work by proctologists of the medical center “ON Clinic Poltava” says that fissure - a rectal fissure - unlike hemorrhoids, is more common among the female population. But men are also susceptible to this disease, which is a multiple microscopic rupture of the rectal mucosa.

Proctologists of “ON Clinic Poltava” use unique complex therapy in the treatment of anal fissures. At the beginning of the disease, when the anal fissure (fissure) has only been formed and represents a shallow tear, the most effective is conservative treatment. It must be started as soon as possible, in order to avoid complications and a lot of unpleasant sensations.

In case of the diagnosis of “acute anal fissures” doctors of “ON Clinic Poltava” prescribe external means - special ointments, which are the own pharmaceutical development of the International Medical Network “ON Clinics”. The ointment has an anesthetic and antispasmodic effect. It promotes rapid healing of the fissure in the anus and provides an anti-inflammatory effect. In combination with the implementation of the doctor’s recommendations on proper nutrition, hygiene, physical activity and lifestyle, it gives an excellent therapeutic result.

With chronic anal fissures, which are permanently damaged and cicatrized, more radical treatment is required. But, the surgery is not recommended as this is the most expensive and hazardous method. In the medical center “ON Clinic Poltava”, excision of the anal fissure is performed by a minimally invasive radio wave method. Due to the influence of the radio wave, it is possible to excise the edges of a fissure quickly and effectively. The procedure is easily tolerated by the patient, the chronic anal fissure heals quickly, and there is no scar left on the healing site.

The advantages of these techniques over the traditional operation are obvious: first, the absence of fear and the preparatory period. Second, the integrity of the mucous tissue is preserved, respectively, there is no pain and postoperative period, and treatment of the anal fissure does not leave unpleasant memories. Third, immediately after the end of the procedure, the patient leaves the medical institution, and returns to his habitual way of life. The procedures take no more than 10 minutes and do not require hospitalization.

Examination by proctologist priced at 270 UAH

Examination includes: anoscopy, rectoscopy, anus digital examination, doctor consultation with diagnosing and treatment option determination (if required). See more

Return visit to proctologist - 200 UAH

Return visit to proctologist is free of charge for patients under protracted medical, as well as for patients with return visit for treatment starting.