Payment in installments

There is a possibility for payment by instalments for treatment course in all branches of the network of medical centres “ON Clinic” in Ukraine. Service “Payment by instalments” lets you pay for treatment by instalments, without credits and overpayment. Besides, registration procedure takes 30 seconds without any documents and income certificates. 
We did our best to answer the most current questions asked by our patients.

When is payment by installments possible?

Payment by instalments is possible in “ON Clinic” network if patient underwent diagnostics and he needs a treatment course. Payment by instalments is possible only for service “Treatment course”.

What is treatment course?

Treatment course assumes multiple (2 and more) patient’s visits to a medical center. Treatment course is a group of actions assigned to patient for absolute recovery. It includes all required manipulations, procedures, medications, control visits and control diagnostics.

How is cost of treatment course divided in instalments?

Cost of treatment course is calculated individually according to the medical center price-list. The doctor breaks down the cost of treatment course in instalments at his sole discretion and upon agreement with patient.

What happens if patient fails to deposit the specified amount in time?

If patient fails to deposit the specified amount in time and does not explain it to his doctor in charge, the treatment can be put on hold. There is no refunding for services rendered, manipulations, and procedures within “Treatment course”.

If I put treatment on hold and now I want to proceed after a long lapse of time. How will I pay for treatment continuation?

Treatment course is calculated for2 - 4 weeks. If you interrupted treatment course, it will be possible to restore it after repeated diagnostic examination, diagnosis adjustment (in case of changes in clinical picture) and adjustments in prescriptions within “Treatment course”.

Is it possible to pay for the whole treatment course at once without breaking down the treatment cost in instalments?

Yes. Most patients select this option.

Is it possible to start treatment and pay for it during the first visit?

Yes, id doctor sees no contra-indications for starting the treatment immediately after examination. In most cases, start of treatment during the first visit is of high priority for speedy recovery.

Is it possible to pay for services by cashless payments?

Yes, all medical centers have cashless payments. You can pay for the necessary services with a credit card.