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A good dress is a card of invitation. It means that first impression has a big value. Our appearance determines our success in establishing contacts. Hairstyle is an integral part of the image but even the most skillful hairdresser cannot hide such problem as baldness for a long time. Although it is commonly believed that hair thinning worries only men, this is not true. Fair sex can also encounter a problem of severe hair loss.

Hair loss, or, in scientific terms, alopecia has several types:

  • Androgenic alopecia, which occurs in both men and women. Hair falls out because follicles are very susceptible to male hormones, which are produced in both sexes. In androgenic alopecia, hair becomes thinner and does not cover the scalp completely any more.

  • Focal or nesting alopecia has an autoimmune origin. It usually manifests itself as one or two rounded bald areas the scalp. Focal alopecia can progress to total and universal forms, in which hair can completely disappear not only on the head but also on the body.

  • Diffuse alopecia occurs in both sexes and is characterized by the same intensity of hair loss on the whole head. It is often a symptom of severe hormonal disorders.

  • Scarring alopecia is a lack of hair growth at the area of posttraumatic scar.

"ON Clinic Odessa" is known for a long time for its effective programs of hair loss treatment in Odessa. If you come to us with a problem of baldness, you can count on a qualified and modern approach to treatment. Individual therapy program will include a complex of medicines abd physiotherapeutic procedures for strengthening hair. Each patient undergoes digital trichoscopy to receive the most accurate answer to the question of why hair falls out.

Causes of hair loss

Hair loss in women can be caused by the influence of chemical factors, for example, aggressive hair dyes or chemical perming. Hair can fall out also under the influence of ionizing radiation if a person works in harmful industries. Another cause of hair loss may be severe stress, debilitating diets or severe illnesses that lead to a strong decrease in immunity, and large blood loss.

Hair loss in men is often caused by genetic predisposition, stress-related disorders or unbalanced diet. Hair can fall out during chemotherapy but after the end of this treatment, the hair grows again.

Prevention of alopecia is a careful attitude to your hair. Care about its appearance, use suitable care products: cheap shampoos, as well as poor-quality combs, can have a negative effect on the hair structure. Keep a balanced diet. In the cold season, you should not go outside without a hat.

If you notice that there is more hair on the comb than usual, do not know what to do with hair loss, contact a trichologist at "ON Clinic Odessa". It is a medical center where you can receive an effective treatment of hair loss in Odessa. The therapy program for alopecia in "ON Clinic Odessa" is aimed not only at the rapid cessation of the process of hair loss but also at the maximum restoration and improvement of the hair structure.

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