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Damage to the Hair Shafts

Beautiful, shiny hair is a source of pride and envy, while damaged hair or split ends spoil both appearance and mood of its owner.

Caring about hair condition comes from within, so proper nutrition and vitamins, as well as the absence of bad habits, are crucial.

The visible part of the hair called shaft, which is the accumulation of dead cells, does not need nutrition, while the living part called bulb, which is located under the head skin and surrounded by blood vessels, needs nutrients.

The outer layer of the hair shaft consists of tightly fitting scales. If they lie tight and neat, the hair looks smooth and shiny, but if the hair structure is damaged, it becomes brittle, dull and tangled. Try to select care items suitable for your skin and hair type to make your hair look healthy and shiny. A trichologist can help you with it.

This specialist has extensive knowledge in the field of medical and professional hair cosmetics, so he will be able to recommend cosmetics to restore and maintain the hair structure.

Hair condition can be improved by certain foods. For example, in sebum excess, it is recommended to eat lean meat and more sour-milk products, and if the hair is dull, it may not have enough zinc and you should pay attention to vitamin-mineral complexes. However, you need to understand that the diet for the hair does not work right away, and in most cases, the problem cannot be eliminated only by eating certain products.

If you are concerned about the current condition of your hair, you should contact "ON Clinic Odessa" and consult a trichologist. The doctor will collect a detailed medical history and conduct digital trichoscopy to diagnose hair shafts, or rather, their condition. This examination method allows you to view a multiply increased image on the computer screen, to see a damage type of the hair shaft and to understand its cause.

Causes of hair shaft damage

The causes of hair damage are divided into internal and external ones. Internal causes include poor nutrition, stress, vitamin deficiency, hormonal disorders and hereditary factors. There are only three external causes of damage. Let us consider them in more detail.

Mechanical hair damage: the hair structure is disturbed due to rough mechanical influences. These include tightly pulled hair, backcombing, hair curlers. In addition, hair is damaged when using sharp and metallic combs, often in sharp, rough combing. The consequence of constant mechanical trauma are split ends and brittle hair.

Thermal hair damage is the influence of high temperature on the hair. Drying hair with a hair dryer, straightening with iron or curling with a curling iron, curling with forceps lead to the evaporation of water from the hair surface and the keratin softening. Thermal damage leads to micro cracks in the hair structure, to elasticity and shine loss.

Chemical hair damage is the result of dying, discoloration or chemical perming. The ingredients used in these procedures damage the hair completely, penetrate all its layers, disrupting the natural chemical bonds of the cortical hair layer and increasing its vulnerability. That is why experts do not recommend frequent dying, much less discoloration, and suggest to use therapeutic masks and balms after these procedures. You need to use these items for some time to at least slightly restore the hair structure.

Treatment of split ends and damaged hair shafts in Odessa is carried in the medical center "ON Clinics". An experienced trichologist will find the cause of the pathology, diagnose the condition of your hair and prescribe a comprehensive effective treatment. You can appoint a consultation by using the contact form or by calling the number on the website.

Initial visit to trichologist - 350 UAH

Examination includes: disease development data acquisition, digital diagnostics, assessment of the whole hair growth system: hair follicle, hair bulb, hair bag, oil glands. See more

Return visit to trichologist - 300 UAH

Return visit to trichologist.