Diagnosis and Treatment of Genital Herpes

Herpetic infection most often affects the mucous membranes of the genital organs and can spread to the skin, the anus and the urethra. The most common causes of genital herpes are:

  • Frequent change of sexual partners

  • Unprotected sexual contact (without a condom)

  • Weakened immunity.

Less often, herpetic infection is transmitted from mother to child during childbirth, as well as through hygiene and domestic supplies. In medical practice, there are also cases of autoinfection when a person carries the infection from the face to the genitals.

There are the following symptoms of genital herpes:

  • Burning, itching sensations in the genital area

  • Formation of characteristic bubble eruptions and erosions

  • Enlarged lymph nodes in the groin area

  • Deterioration of well-being (chills, fever, malaise).

Genital herpes both in women and in men may be asymptomatic for a while. In such cases, the disease manifests itself when the immunity decreases against a background of avitaminosis, hypothermia, hormonal drugs or severe stress. If there are characteristic symptoms, you should consult a specialist as soon as possible. Urologist helps to treat genital herpes in men. Women need to undergo an initial gynecological examination.

In addition to visual examination and the medical history, the diagnostics of genital herpes includes:

  • Laboratory tests to identify the virus or antibodies to it

  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs.

Since there may be no obvious signs of herpetic infection, it is also advisable to undergo preventive examinations at least once every six months. In "ON Clinic Odessa", you cannot only receive a comprehensive diagnostics of genital herpes but also an effective course of outpatient treatment.

Treatment of genital herpes in "ON Clinic Odessa"

If the virus of genital herpes is detected, it is important to know that it is impossible to completely get rid of it. However, specialists of "ON Clinic Odessa" know effective methods, which help to eliminate symptoms and prevent relapse of the disease in the future.

You can receive an outpatient treatment of genital herpes in Odessa with the use of medicines (antiviral, antibiotics, immunostimulants), as well as courses of physiotherapy. Therapy schemes are developed individually, taking into account the physiological characteristics of each patient, the disease stage, and symptoms. It is possible to determine how to treat genital herpes in every particular situation can after a comprehensive examination.

Prevention of genital herpes helps to maintain the effect of the treatment. It consists of the following steps:

  • Use of barrier contraception (condoms) for sexual intercourse

  • Strengthening of the immunity

  • Hygiene (both personal and sexual).

Following these recommendations will help to achieve a stable remission and prevent complications of genital herpes (decrease in fertility, damage to the nervous system).

If herpetic infection persists in the body, you should tell your sexual partner about it and ask the partner to be tested. You can sign up for a consultation with a doctor on the website using the contact form or call our contact phone number. 

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