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Treatment of acne in Nikolaev: where to start?

Acne is a dermatological disease that does not disappear by itself. To restore smoothness and purity of your skin it is necessary to choose effective means that will affect the cause of the appearance of pimples. In most cases, acneiform rash (acne) appears on the face, neck, abdomen, back and chest area. The skin becomes glaborous and embossed, which affects significantly the appearance. Moreover, even corrective cosmetics do not help.

Acne, the reasons for which are diverse, most often worries adolescents and those who suffer from chronic diseases, have hormonal failures, as well as with nervous diseases. By the way, scientists have proved that with incorrect skin care, acne on the face or in other parts of the body in 80% of cases appears in people in adulthood, especially those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, abuse “harmful” products and habits.

You can receive effective acne treatment in Nikolaev in “ON Clinic Nikolaev”. Experienced dermatologists will determine the cause of the rash and choose effective treatment. Sometimes it is enough to change the menu to remove the rash, or to eliminate the latent inflammation in the body, which can also lead to acne.

Many people think that the doctor’s help is not necessary when using medicines and folk remedies, which are bought at the pharmacy without permission. Improvements in the situation from such remedies should not be expected. And the problem is not in their inefficiency, but in the correct use, dosage and tolerability. Only a dermatologist can help to choose a preparation that is suitable for your skin type, and the constituents of the medicine will have the right effect without causing allergies and complications.

Acneiform rash which is treated in “ON Clinic Nikolaev” quickly and without complications is a skin disease requiring treatment. Solve your problem today. Make an appointment with a doctor!

Examination by dermatologist - 220 UAH

Examination includes: physical examination, dermatoscopy (if required), preparation sensitivity test, consultation by specialist. See more

Return visit to dermatologist - 180 UAH

Return visit to dermatologist.