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Treatment of rectal polyps in Kharkiv

Anal fibrous polyps are benign growths in the rectum. The most common are glandular polyps which can reach up to 3 cm in diameter and can be pedunculated.

The danger of anal polyps lies in their oncogenicity, that is, the ability to degenerate into a malignant tumor. The likelihood of anal polyp developing into cancer depends on its size. The main measure for the prevention of colon cancer is timely diagnostics and removal of rectal polyps.

Treatment methods for rectal polyps in Kharkiv

In most cases, anal polyps are not accompanied by any symptoms. But in some cases, signs of anal polyps include the following:

  • pain in the anus;
  • bowel disorders;
  • increased gas production;
  • bloating;
  • discharge of mucus from the anus.

Treatment of rectal polyps includes removal of neoplasms and drug therapy. The medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv” carries out non-surgical treatment of polyps in the anal canal. Removal of polyps in the anus is carried out using the radio wave method.

An appointment with a proctologist and for the removal of anal polyps at the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv” is carried out by the phone numbers indicated on the website or through the appointment form. Applications for a doctor's consultation are accepted around the clock. You can find out the cost of treating anal polyps and the price for removal of rectal polyps in Kharkiv on the website or by phone.

The cost of removal of anal polyps of the rectum in Kharkiv

Initial appointment with a coloproctologist
400uah. / 380uah.
Repeated consultation appointment with a coloproctologist
Payment in med. center
ONLINE-Repeated consultation appointment with a coloproctologist
330uah. / 314uah.
ONLINE Repeated consultation with a coloproctologist abroad

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