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Radio-wave removal of anal fimbria in Kharkov

Anal fimbrias are small prominent skin folds around the anus that form in the place of hemorrhoid vein thrombosis. The main causes of their occurrence are manifestations of hemorrhoids, frequent constipation, as well as pregnancy and childbirth.

The presence of neoplasms around the anus makes it difficult to carry out hygiene procedures, they are often injured during bowel movements and inflamed, which in the absence of treatment leads to complications of existing proctologic diseases and the need for surgery. Only timely removal of anal fimbria will help to avoid this.

How to remove anal fimbria?

It is impossible to get rid of skin folds in the anus with the help of pills, injections or ointments, excision of anal fringes by radio waves will be required. This is a non-surgical method for removing neoplasms using the apparatus “Surgotron”. It provides a non-contact tissue incision when the blood vessels are immediately sealed, which completely eliminates bleeding and infection in the wound. The procedure of radio wave treatment of anal fimbria is absolutely safe for the patient.

Advantages of removing anal fimbria with radio waves:

  • no damage to adjacent tissues;
  • painlessness;
  • no edema and bleeding;
  • quick healing;
  • no scars.

Why us?

The Department of Proctology at “On Clinic Kharkov” removes fimbria with “Surgotron”. The procedure lasts 15-20 minutes and has no contraindications and side effects.

The advantages of treating anal fimbria at our clinic:

  • no general anesthesia (local anesthesia is used);
  • no hospitalization – a patient can be back to his habitual life immediately after the procedure;
  • no pain and complications;
  • no surgery and recovery period;
  • no scars and cicatricial tissues.

One procedure is often enough to remove all neoplasms, in rare cases it will need to be repeated. Make an appointment with a proctologist by phone or via the registration form on the website and get rid of neoplasms in the anus quickly and painlessly.

The cost of anal fimbria removal in Kharkiv

Initial appointment with a coloproctologist
400uah. / 380uah.
Repeated consultation appointment with a coloproctologist
Payment in med. center
ONLINE-Repeated consultation appointment with a coloproctologist
330uah. / 314uah.
ONLINE Repeated consultation with a coloproctologist abroad

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